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Stand Black Addiction #3Good times didn’t last forever While Beth Hart had enjoyed being the sometimes girlfriend of Max Reynolds the hot bass player for Black Addiction she knew it would never be than a casual fling He was destined for Stand Black Epubgreatness and she cared too much to hold him back So before she los. Stand is the story of Max the bass player from Black Addiction and Beth the on again off again girlfriend Beth and Max have continued to find their way back to each other over the years The last break up was made by Beth as Max was on the verge of making it big Beth didn’t want to hold Max back by being weighed down with a girlfriend and she had dreams of her own Beth is the girl Max has always regretted losing and he never really knew why she left I really loved their relationship Beth was a girl with a good head on her shoulders and she was determined to find her path Staying with Max had the potential of destroying them down the road so she walked I loved that it wasn’t a sad heartbreaking end; it was just two people that knew it wasn’t there time yet Now that all the other band members have found love and Joey has moved; Max decides to look for a new place to live Joeys conniving little sister pressures Max in to taking a place in Manhattan that she thinks is perfect for him but she doesn’t mention that his lovely neighbor is Beth Max and Beth are pretty shocked to cross paths again and Beth tries to play the “let’s be friends” card Max isn’t okay with that so he starts a pursuit of Beth and before long she has to face the music and stop fighting it I love a good second chance romance and this was a fun one I loved the banter between all the characters but especially between Beth and her bestie Jules Max was a persistent and swoon worthy hero and Beth was a fun heroine even though she stayed in denial a little too long Well done copy received in exchange for an honest review

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He spoils of his new lifestyle made perfect sense and he loved his new address It wasn’t his new huge penthouse apartment that got him excited it was his new neighbor The one girl he regretted letting go BethHe wanted her back and would do anything to make it happen Hopefully it wasn’t too lat. An e ARC was given by the author in exchange for an honest review 45 stars5 stars Miss T Gephart really knows how to make her readers have fun Stand was an overall stimulating read perfectly capturing fun love and the sexiness brought by loving a rockstar An exhilarating mix of music romance and one sided emotions He had this uncanny ability to make you feel like you were the only woman in the room like nothing else mattered and even if I knew it was temporary I loved it Being surrounded by love struck band members Max Reynolds finds himself wondering if he was meant for the same thing And the only thing that could convince him was the right girl I have to admit since I started the Black Addiction series Max held a special place in my heart And Miss T has definitely kept the interest through every book in the series I have to tell you Max Reynolds never disappoints The surprising yet utterly sexy mix of cocky and sweet of his character was an addictive streak in the book Beth Hart was not the kind of girl you could meet and go on with your life like she didn’t exist Beth already knew how consuming it was to be with Max Reynolds That was the main reason why she avoided him years ago But it seemed fate wanted to prove to her that once you’ve had a taste of Max you’ll never have enough I loved it that Beth’s character was not a shadow to Max’ She was a heroine who contemplated on things that are usually taken for granted in most romance books The delicious mix of sexy and serious in her generally fiery personality was downright badass “You’re my past present and future Beth So if you’re out then I don’t have anything left” The chemistry between Max and Beth was absolutely page turning I loved the banters and the cat and mouse between these two Having shared a history there was a lingering sizzle every time they’re around each other and the palpable heat kept me up on my toes I loved how Beth shared common stereotypes as most readers have towards Max and how wonderfully Max proved me wrong Miss T has a way of capturing a reader in a very entertaining way She can always make me laugh and feel and break all at the same time Her uniuely hilarious scenes are always my favorites Plus Her secondary characters are always soo much fun Stand was a sexy fun and page turning read

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Stand Black Addiction #3 Download à 2 ´ ✷ [BOOKS] ✫ Stand Black Addiction #3 By T. Gephart ❁ – Good times didn’t last forever While Beth Hart had enjoyed being the sometimes girlfriend of Max Reynolds—the hot bass player for Black Addiction—she knew it would never be than a casual fling H Good tT her heart and her sanity she said goodbye to the Bronx moved to Manhattan and left her party girl days in the past along with MaxNothing made Max happier than being a success in his own right And in the last few years he and his band had well and truly earned it Moving to the city and enjoying t. I thought Rusty was my favourite male in Black Addictionbut i think Max might have just blown him out of first placeThis is Max and Beth's Story Max has found stardom rockdom with Black Addiction Beth knew that she had to say goodbye to Max she felt that she was holding him back She now has a new life in ManhattanYears laterthanks to a meddling friendthey meet up againand this is where Max becomes my number one Black Addiction member His pursuit of Beth who only wants to be friendsis subtle but ever present Not wanting to take NOLETS JUST BE FRIENDS as an answer Beth's life has been going along since she left Maxbut he is back and he wants HER back and she tries to step backbut will she be able to refuse his advances Can she handle FRIENDS ONLYthis is their story and i think the best out of the threearc provided for honest review Sisterhood Of The travelling Book Blog