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The Dragonstone characters Ý 107 Ø ➹ [Reading] ➻ The Dragonstone By Dennis L. McKiernan ➮ – Welcome to Mithgar Dennis L McKiernan’s classic bestselling fantasy series of adventure where legends are forged in the fires of sorcery For as long as she can remember the Elven Lady Arin has been Welcome to MitWelcome to Mithgar Dennis L McKiernan’s classic bestselling fantasy series of adventure where legends are forged in the fires of sorcery For as long as she can remember the Elven Lady Arin has been besieged by visions from the past or the future But none. I definitely liked this the best out of all the Mithgar novels I've read thus far but it still only rates about three or three and a half stars There's some fun world building since the plot involves characters from fantasy Japan and fantasy Scandinavia Plus I got to meet Mithgar's wizards for the first time which was interesting I like the idea that they come from another dimension even if it is somewhat like Tolkien's wizards originating in Valinor The bit about dragons and krakens mating was kinda silly though The plot is a fairly generic uest fantasy in which Arin an elf with precognitive abilities has to seek out a bunch of people to aid her in her search for the Dragonstone What the Dragonstone does is never made explicit but presumably it lets the user control dragons which would be bad news Things are made interesting through the varied cast of characters who meet the components of a prophetic riddle These include a female samurai two one eyed men one of whom is an alcoholic and a thief Generally the characters were fun and well developed even if they were kinda cliche I actually enjoyed a fair bit of this book even if it got off to a slow start However in the end there were some things that definitely damaged my enjoyment of it For one thing everybody had to get together in nice little couples even though most of them didn't make sense The humanelf romance worked and actually had a degree of well done pathos to it But the other relationships came out of nowhere never felt real and didn't jibe with my idea of the characters They really took me out of the story and frustrated me I was also annoyed by the fact that one of the fantasy Middle East countries that the heroes visit has a major religion consisting of Satan worship or at least worship of the local Satan euivalent This is a frustrating and kinda racist concept and so while I do appreciate that McKiernan attempts to be diverse than Tolkien he messes it up some Still this was definitely an improvement over Into the Forge and its originality makes The Dragonstone better than all the other Mithgar books I've read even with its serious flaws

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Has ever left her so shaken as the one that foretells the fall of Mithgar images of raging dragons and brutal legions laying waste to everything in their path signifying a devastating war that will threaten the land There is to the prophecy than a warning. This was a good read interesting characters and settings that kept me enthralled the way a Fantasy hasn't done in a long time I like Mckiernan usually it's classic fantasy with settings that are incredibly detailed and events and people that are always exciting to explore It's a nice long fantasy that stands on its own which is another thing I like about McKiernan's work; you can read them separately and in no particular order for the most part and have a rich experience

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The DragonstoneRiddles within the vision that Arin must decipher if she is to prevent the forthcoming destruction And it will take a journey across countless leagues connected to a relic of immense power known as the Dragonstone to find the answers to Mithgar’s salvati. This book is STILL just as good as when I read it over 15yrs ago STILL made me weep at the end even though I knew what was happening The characters are enthralling and the uest will suck you in You will not want to put this book down