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The Great Moon HoaxNew Telescope Sees All Amazing Secrets to Be RevealedSo the headlines read in the New York Sun one day in the summer of For a week straight the newspaper printed stories and pictures of the discoveries made using a new telescope in far off AfricaAnd on the streets of. A fabulous bit of history from 1835 a newspaper hoax relevant today as we consider 'false news' Creatively conceived told by two homeless boys who sell newspapers and love the stories about the moon

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Off for them they could even afford a room at a boarding house As they jingled the coins in their pockets they wondered about what they were readingWould the man bats fly to Earth Would a moon ship carry treasure hunters into the sky And would their good fortune las. In 1835 The Sun began publishing a series of articles about the discoveries of an astronomer based eight thousand miles away in South Africa who was allegedly training his super powered telescope on the surface of the moon and finding bluish bearded bison upright walking beavers diaphanous man bats and an “euitriangular temple built of polished sapphires” The story is further related by two orphan paperboys who shout themselves hoarse in the streets every morning and make a killing – well thirty three cents – till the news is revealed as pure fiction Was it worth it The Sun continued to publish for another hundred or so years the boys remain unjaded – “It was fun to think about” says one “and I can still do that It’s really all about the words Even if they’re not uite true they can make us see amazing things” – and her for 13 bucks is story you can keep telling when newspapers no longer exist

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Free download The Great Moon Hoax 109 Ý [Download] ➶ The Great Moon Hoax By Stephen Krensky – New Telescope Sees All Amazing Secrets to Be RevealedSo the headlines read in the New York Sun one day in the summer of 1835For a week straight the newspaper printed stories and pictures of the discov New Telescope Sees All AmazingNew York City hundreds of newsboys shouted the headlines at the top of their lungs Heavens Filled with Buffalo Moon Beavers Man Bats We Are Not AloneEvery day newsboys Jake and Charlie sold their stacks of The Great MOBI #234 newspapers uickly The good business paid. Jake and Charlie sell newspapers Based on how well they do each day they chose a place to sleep varying from alleyways to boarding houses Often the headlines determine how well the newspapers sell When the paper starts printing stories about a telescope that allows the moon to be seen the boys start doing really well Each day the newspaper carried an article about the fantastic things that were being seen on the moon But could Jake's and Charlie's good fortune lastI find this book very unusual first because of the idea that such stories were believed and second the strangeness of the stories being told The illustrations are rather strange in and of themselves which I think matches the strangeness of the stories the newspaper printed Unfortunately I don't think the illustrations will appeal to many children although children's tastes can be very surprising The strength of this book though is the idea it presents of telling lies to make money This fits in perfectly with teaching children about media literacy and learning to uestion what one reads The illustrations could very easily turn into a discussion of what illustrations are designed to do and the abstractness of art These themes would lead me to use this book with older students I think it might confuse younger children