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The Viaduct MurderOne of the seminal works of the genre The Viaduct Murder was first published in It was selected by Howard Haycraft to be included in the ultimate mystery list The Haycraft ueen Definitive Library of Detective Crime Mystery Fiction Two Centuries of Cornerstones Marryatt the cler. This is a 1925 book by Ronald Knox Monsignor Ronald Knox was a Roman Catholic priest and a mystery writer and was probably most famous for his Ten Rules of Detective Fiction which lay out 10 rules that he believes Golden Age detective fiction writers should follow This is my first Ronald Knox mystery and I find his writing long winded and boring and his plot unnecessarily complicated He tried too hard to create a technically correct and complex mystery and jammed way too many ideas into one book Instead he failed to give the readers a readable smooth and artistic mystery In classic Golden Age fashion Knox even provided a map of the neighborhood and a railroad timetable The setting is in rural England in early 1920s in a village called Paston Oakvile An old mansion and its grounds have been developed into an exclusive golf club Other than the club house there were a bunch of bungalows that golfers can rent for extended stays Next to the gold course is a viaduct that trains pass over One day four friends Marryatt Gordon Reeves and Carmichael were playing a game of golf when they found the dead boy of one of their members a Mr Brotherhood below the viaduct It was obvious he fell down from the viaduct However was it murder or suicide While the coroner ruled it a suicide Reeves was not satisfied He enlisted the help of Gordon and Carmichael to help him solve the mystery Most of the book was taken up with Reeves’ detective work how he collected a lot of clues handkerchief on dead man body with name of a different person a letter written in cipher a suspicious train ticket the dead man carrying two watches with different times a walking stick etc analyze them announcing various theories and setting traps for his suspects Like an adventure book Knox also threw in a secret tunnel built inside an old house as well as a high speed car chase It turns out however Reeves was wrong on both his theories and his suspects At the end in a very unsatisfactory way Knox announced that a Mr Davenant who Reeves did not believe committed the crime had actually confessed Reeves had just read all the clues wrong Davenant saw Brotherhood on the train that day and followed him When they both got off the train Brotherhood was drunk They argued as they were walking over the viaduct In a moment of rage Davenant pushed Brotherhood down the viaduct and killed him Most of the book was about how Reeves investigated but bungled in every possible way his detection Only a small part of the book at the end was about how the clues work together However no detection or deduction was really involved there Knox just pronounced at the end the police arrested Davenant and he confessed and Davenant explained what happened to the police

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Summary The Viaduct Murder õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ï ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Viaduct Murder Author Ronald Knox – One of the seminal works of the genre The Viaduct Murder was first published in 1925 It was selected by Howard Haycraft to be included in the ultimate mystery list The HaycraDy of Mr Brotherhood below the railroad viaduct When they find his hat yards away from the body they suspect 'there's been dirty work' The foursome set out to solve his murderFather Knox has provided us with a witty clever and thoroughly delightful classic British mystery story. good read no porn interesting plot

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Gyman Carmichael the The Viaduct ePUB #199 retired don Reeves the former member of the military intelligence and Gordon the vacationing golfer are playing golf in Paston Oatvile when Reeves slices his drive from the third tee In searching for the ball they come upon the dead bo. This is one of the most astonishingly brilliant mysteries of the Golden Age by one of its masters