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One of the most compelling and adored superstars in Latin music history Selena was nothing short of a phenomenon who shared all of herself with her millions of devoted fans Her tragic murder at the young age of twenty three stripped the world of To Selena PDF her talent and boundless potential her tightly knit family of their beloved angel and her husband Chris Perez of the greatest love he had ever knownFor over a decade Chris hel. I was only five when Selena died too young to know her while she was still living but as a kid I discovered the movie with Jennifer Lopez and I fell in love with the music and with the story of a girl and a family who came out of nothing and became stars I don't speak Spanish but I can sing a lot of Selena's songs by heart and I still listen to them when I want to dance in my car and sing along And Dreaming of You is one of my favorite songs of all time As I got older I became and interested in Selena and her life and who she was as a person Everything you read about her is just so glowing and to know that her life was cut short when she had so much to offer is unspeakably sad I felt for her family of course since it was a family band and business but the person I wondered most about was her husband Chris Their love story captivated me I always wanted to know about their life together and now after all these years Chris has been kind enough to give that to usWhat I loved about this book is that it gives us a glimpse into Selena as a person as she was seen by someone who cared about her There were so many little tidbits in here that I've wondered about for a long time and it was so fun to read about the development of the relationship between her and Chris I'd recommend it to any of her fans especially if you're like me and always wanted to know that Chris ended up okay We owe him a big thank you for sharing these memories

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To Selena With LoveD on to the only personal thing he had left from his late wife the touching and sometimes painful memories of their very private bond Now for the first time Chris opens up about their unbreakable friendship forbidden relationship and blossoming marriage which were cut short by Selena’s unforgivable deathChris’s powerful story gives a rare glimpse into Selena’s sincerity and vulnerability when falling in love strength and conv. On April 17 2012 I got to meet Chris Perez at his book signing It was a wonderful experience In a weird way I could feel that Selena's presence was with him I know she is looking down upon him smiling ever so proudly To Selena With Love is an emotional roller coaster of a book What I mean by that is you will experience all the emotions that Chris is feeling in the book From his joy when Selena started talking to him on the plane to pure bliss when they first said I love you Then of course you will feel his pain from when he received the shocking news about his beloved wife up to sadness felt at her funeral If a book has yet to make you cry I guarantee you this will be the book to make tears turn into waterfalls This book is a definite recommendation to everyone

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Summary To Selena With Love ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [Download] ➾ To Selena With Love By Chris Pérez – One of the most compelling and adored superstars in Latin music history Selena was nothing short of a phenomenon who shared all of herself with her millions of devoted fans Her Iction when fighting for that love and absolute resilience when finding peace and normalcy with her family’s acceptance of the only man she called her husband While showcasing a side of Selena that has never been disclosed before and clarifying certain misconceptions about her life and death To Selena with Love is an everlasting love story that immortalizes the heart and soul of an extraordinary unforgettable and irreplaceable ic. Chris Perez's purpose in writing To Selena With Love was to give everyone a piece of their life Chris Perez wanted to give his personal perspective on Selena Another purpose could be that he wanted to present a side of Selena to her fans so that they knew that she was just like everyone else In an interview he did with CNN news he said he was comfortable putting her life into a book He said himself that he wanted to share her life their life together Perez's purpose was to unwind and let go of suppressed feelings he's had for yearsTo Selena With love isn't a novel where you can relate It is a good book but it's nothing that'll leave a lasting impact Sure the book will leave you in a state of awe but that's because the book is filled with different types of emotions This novel offers an arrange of emotions ranging from historical laughter to having you on the edge of your seat ready to cry Abraham looked at me with dull eyes and said 'Selena passed away Chris She's dead She was shot and she's dead p 266 Perez previously states how he basically hated himself for awhile for even letting Selena go to a motel with someone he had never really trusted in the first placeThe greatest strengths of the book was how the author could draw almost any reaction out of you Chris Perez surely does have a way with words He described Selena right down to the T As for weaknesses I found nothing wrong with the novel Maybe a few spelling errors here and there but otherwise it was a fantastic novel to read Once you pick up this book you will never want to put it down Once the book ends you will be filled with enraged sadness because you don't want it to end Perez took this novel to a whole other level He went into full on detail about every aspect in their life from the first day he met her When we lose people who who are precious to us we all have to grieve in our own ways p 4This novel is good for anybody who can relate to losing a loved one I can say I related to both Chris and Selena in this novel Chris was forbidden from seeingkeeping in contact with Selena but he defied authority Selena's father and he was given the cold shoulder I've never been in that particular situation but I have been restricted from gettingdoing something I don't know what's going on with you guys but whatever it is it stops right now p 73 I related to Selena because Selena was the baby of the family and everyone was super protective over her I am not the baby of the family but I am the only girl which means I am watched like a hawkby everyone At first I can honestly say I found the book just a tad bit boring but about 2 3 pages in I was instantly in love with it I was too young to even know or care about Selena uintanilla but when I saw her movie acted out by Jennifer Lopez I instantly became infatuated with her I had to have watched that movie a good 5 times and listen to all of her music ever createdIn my personal opinion this book has taught me the lesson of Don't judge a book by it's cover Before even reading the book or seeing the movie an aundance of people would talk about her and I would say who is that When I found out Selena's husband had written a book about her I HAD to have it This book brought out every emotion you could ever possibly think of This is a wonderful book I have reread this novel over 10 times I just love the book that much I would most definitely recommend this book to someone I would even recommend it to someone who has never even heard of Selena uintanilla Perez