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龍應台的文字,「橫眉冷對千夫指」時,寒氣逼人,如刀光劍影。「俯首甘為孺子牛」時,卻溫柔婉轉彷彿微風吹過麥田。從純真喜悅的《孩子你慢慢來》到坦. This book includes a lot of separated stories 散文 which talk about the author's living and life it taught me about the way of living and the things that we should do and not to do One of the chapter talked about the author's parents getting old I learn from that one a lot to cherish your time living in this world and be prepared it made me impressed This book packed a lot of interesting ideas and stories for us to check out as well as some funny things and fact that happen the author described scenarios in a really realistic way This book is totally good for almost all types of people I'm happy about reading it

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目送 By Lung Ying-t率得近乎「痛楚」的《親愛的安德烈》,龍應台的寫作境界逐漸轉往人生的深沉。  《目送》的七十四篇散文,寫父親的逝、母親的老、兒子的離、朋友的牽. The book was a uite sad as it was about the author’s dad leaving this world her mom getting older and older her sons leaving her to study I liked the book as it was touching and I learnt many things from this book the book reminded me to spend time with my family and friends and also cherish the time with them Also it also taught me to be independent as there are always something that I need to deal it by myself

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DOWNLOAD º 目送 By Lung Ying-tai ✓ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ 目送 ❤ Author Lung Ying-tai – 龍應台的文字,「橫眉冷對千夫指」時,寒氣逼人,如刀光劍影。「俯首甘為孺子牛」時,卻溫柔婉轉彷彿微風吹過麥田。從純真喜悅的《孩子你慢慢 龍應台的掛、兄弟的攜手共行,寫失敗和脆弱、失落和放手,寫纏綿不捨和絕然的虛無。她寫盡了幽微,如燭光冷照山壁。  這是一本生死筆記,深邃,憂傷,美麗。. A really touching book about life and death of the loved ones about the regret as a child about the deep love between family members