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review ´ Lost Moon The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13 104 ´ [Epub] ❤ Lost Moon The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13 By Jim Lovell – In April 1970 during the glory days of the Apollo space program NASA sent Navy Captain Jim Lovell and two other astronauts on America's fifth mission to the moon Only fiftyModule a tiny craft designed to keep two men alive for just two days As the hours tick away the narrative shifts from the crippled spacecraft to Mission Control from engineers searching desperately for a way to fix the Moon The Perilous MOBI #240 ship to Lovell's wife and children praying for his safe return The entire nation watches Moon The Perilous Voyage of PDF or as one crisis after another is met and overcome By the time the ship splashes down in the Pacific we understand why the heroic effort to rescue Lovell and his crew is considered by many to be NASA's finest hourNow thirty years after the launch. On April 11 1970 Apollo 13 launched from Kennedy Space Center en route to the moon temporary home to commander Jim Lovell command module pilot Jack Swigert and lunar module pilot Fred Haise On April 13 minutes after finishing a broadcast touring the Lunar Module LM oxygen tank #2 of 2 exploded throwing the mission—and mission control and the world—into chaos 1 Written as a joint effort between Lovell commander of Apollo 13 and Jeffrey Kluger Apollo 13 is a technically dense narrative of the mission It contains a high level of detail but also does its best to balance Lovell's account of the mission with those of ground control and Marilyn Lovell it also loops back to touch on the Apollo 1 tragedy as well as Lovell's first lap of the moon on Apollo 8 I personally liked the tone and the amount of information about the systems and people involved in triaging the situation when shit started to get real I felt like I understood enough to track the severity of the situation without being overwhelmed and without feeling like I was being spoon fed the science 2 That said holy goddamned shit The sheer number of issues and problems and hurdles Lovell Swigert and Haise had to deal with 200000 goddamned miles away in the vacuum of space is just—phenomenal Not only did oxygen tank #2 explode it took oxygen tank #1 with it as well as 2 of 3 fuel cells that generated power for the Command Module; once ground control figured out what was happening the astronauts had to completely shut down their command module and take up residency in the lunar module—a ship meant to hold 2 dudes for 2 days to go to the moon Not y'know support 3 dudes for a return trip to Earth But needs must Then they had to figure out how to adjust their trajectory to slingshot themselves back to Earth on a ship not calibrated to fly with the lunar module as the primary engine with the inert command module still attached And then there's carbon dioxide to deal with And lack of heat And lack of power And lack of water And exploding batteries And general drift And attempting to calibrate their position against stars they can't see because of the MULTITUDE OF DEBRIS FROM THE EXPLOSION I mean god damn That's SO MANY THINGS And NASA and the Apollo 13 crew justdealt with them One at a time Need to scrub Carbon dioxide Okay take this part and a plastic bag and the hose for your suit's oxygen and some duct tape and the lunar landing instructions you aren't going to use and MACGYVER YOURSELF A SCRUBBER SO YOU CAN CONTINUE TO BREATHE Can't align your navigation Okay we'll just have you calibrate the damn thing against the FUCKING SUN EVEN THOUGH IT'S PROBABLY A LITTLE CLOSE FOR COMFORT PRECISION WISE Need to power on your command module with minimal power Okay we'll just write a new procedure for what's usually a 24 hour process ON THE FLY AND THEN READ IT TO YOU HOURS BEFORE SPLASHDOWN It's the epitome of divide and conuer and working towards something bigger than the individual pieces There's a bit about John Aaron straight up negotiating with all these various system owners about turning them on or not turning them on in preparation for Apollo 13's return to Earth that puts the entire thing in perspective there was no room for ego because ego would kill those men in space And it's just very harrowing and inspiring and strange 3 I'm sure there are biases I'm not even aware of due to Lovell's personal feelings for NASA and the space program and his colleagues but it doesn't feel as vitally important as the fact that this program however flawed or problematic banded together to bring these men home in the face of ridiculous impossible odds 4 I MEAN THEIR GODDAMNED SHIP EXPLODED IN SPACE AND THEY SURVIVED THEY SURVIVED

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Of the mission Jim Lovell and coauthor Jeffrey Kluger add a new Moon The Perilous Voyage of PDF or preface and never before seen photographs to Apollo In their preface they offer an incisive look at America's waxing and waning love affair with space exploration during the past three decades culminating only recently when the Apollo spacecraft itself long consigned to an aviation museum outside Paris was at last returned to its rightful home in the United States As inspiring today as it was thirty years ago the story of Apollo is a timeless tribute to the enduring American spirit and sparkling individual heroi. It was fascinating to read about all that went into getting the Apollo 13 crew back to earth after the explosion of oxygen tank no 2 told in third person from multiple points of view

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Lost Moon The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13In April during The Perilous Kindle #216 the glory days of the Apollo space program NASA sent Navy Captain Jim Lovell and two other astronauts on America's fifth mission to the moon Only fifty five hours into the flight of Apollo disaster struck a mysterious explosion rocked the ship and soon its oxygen and power began draining away Written with all the color and drama of the best fiction APOLLO previously published Lost Moon Epubas Lost Moon tells the full story of the moon shot that almost ended in catastrophe Minutes after the explosion the three astronauts are forced to abandon the main ship for the lunar. GUIDO EECOM Flight CAPCOM FIDO TELMU LEM CONTROL Simsups RETRO Roger Copythat GoI love NASA speak don't you It all takes me back to the days when I was glued to the television set watching as much as I could of the space flights in the 60's and 70'sThis book tells the story of one of the scariest of all journeys Apollo 13 And Houston they sure had problems The unraveling of the mission is a fascinating story as are the details of the way it was patched back together in order to get the crew back to EarthWe get to travel not only to the moon with the crew they got there in an orbit they just were not able to get to the surface but back in time to become familiar with Lovell as a person and pilot We spend hours now and then with his family as they wait along with the rest of the world for events to unfold And we spend days with the team at Mission Control which was at one time in my life one of the places I most wanted to see in real life not just on the small screenThere was something poignant about reading how bored the nation had become with the space program by the time Apollo 13 was ready for liftoff According to the book the entire process had become routine Until the accident reminded everyone just how risky it was I thought of theChallenger disaster in January 1986 The identical mindset had infected everyone by then too The command to 'Go at throttle up' never sounded the same to me after that day But back to Apollo This book is uite readable even with the NASA terms which are all explained the first time they appear The pages go flying by because the story flows from the beginning and is suspenseful even though we know that the crew arrives home safely After all how else could the Mission Commander be author of the book He did have help in the form of Jeffrey Kluger and the book is not told in first person style but I would say that the team worked smoothly together whoever did the actual writing