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Ark lethal sexuality of the Frenchman But she can't resistXavier has woven a web of deceit to catch her And now he's trapped her he'll ruin her. As it is I am completing all the books written by Julia James I can't get enough of her stories They are different from others About this one Xavier is very protective of his brother Last time his brother fell in love it was with a wrong woman who wanted just his money He doesn't want his brother to be falling for a gold digger again So when Armand his brother emails him about his girlfriend and tells him he is going to Marry her Xavier starts his investigationLissa on the other hand is working hard really hard to pay the bills and to take care of her sister Her sister Lila can't walk Xavier and Lissa's story is not your usual one there is suspicion from both the sides Both fall in love but Lissa can't be with him for a reasonXavier realises that Lissa actually loves his brother but what about his love He makes the right decision and tells her about his feelings Lissa feels the same for him Then there is a big misunderstanding a huge one What I really like about this novel was the end Oh not because it finally ended but because Xavier finally comes to know the truth Four stars

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Bedded Or WeddedHe'll bed her expose her then destroy herLissa works hard to help her sister even if that means having to put on false eyelashes and flatter we. Xavier gets an email from his half brother that’s all hey bro found the woman of my dreams you’ll probably think she’s unsuitable but this time don’t interfere thanks see ya when I’m back from AmericaXavier naturally treats this as the most alarming thing ever because last time his brother was in love the woman was a filthy gold digger who’d spun some hard luck story Xavier’s investigators turned up the Truth about her and little brother was heart broken but lucky to escapeI’m not sure whether Xavier has hired the same investigators to dig up dirt on his brother’s lady this time and if he has whether they decided to give his case to the work experience kid because they do a crap job Basically the investigator’s report is one afternoon I followed your brother to this address saw him hug this woman her name’s Lissa and she works as a hostess at this casino Here’s a picture Where’s my outrageously high fee I mean usually when a rich guy has his ‘security team’ ‘compile a dossier’ on a lady it’s hugely and irritatingly complete Rich guy gets her family details her criminal record even the stuff that was suppressed because she was a minor gasp her entire education and employment history how much money she has and how much debt she’s in a list of every person she’s had sex with and how they rated her performance I mean everything Sometimes within about 15 minutes because it was all on fictional Facebook which knows everything about everyone Xavier however decides that Lissa is clearly the hussy who is out to destroy his brother and is clearly unsuitable because she’s a hostess in a casino so he decides to go annoy her in her workplace Lissa is wearing much makeup and a slutty dress and has hard eyes so Xavier thinks she’s an unattractive tramp until he sees her in her jeans with her face clean and her eyes full only of the tired sorrow of waiting for the bus Then he realises she’s gorgeous and he wants herHere’s something else that will just do my head in when reading romances the implied immorality of personal enhancement Heroes and heroines freuently damn women for wearing anything than minimal makeup colouring their hair using anything to halt the appearance of aging or having boob jobs Any and all of those things are generally signs that the woman is shallow venal stupid and a villain I just want to throw something when I have to read about how any character in the book approves of the heroine because she is naturally blonde and has naturally large boobs or ‘assets’ as though this is some sign that she is morally superior Why was it ok for Xavier to not find Lissa hot when she was made up and wearing a cheap slutty dress Why couldn’t he have seen through that the way countless other heroes are expected to see the beauty of other heroines beneath the daggy clothes bad hairstyles and glassesAnd that’s not my only soapbox moment about this bookXavier follows Lissa around for a little while saying sex now oui In his sexy French accent His new plan is to get her into bed because that’s win win for his male bits and proving to his brother that she’s a no good hussy Lissa keeps confounding this plan by claiming she has ‘commitments’ Conveniently that sounds to Xavier as though she means her relationship with his brother Lissa view points to the reader a bit about the brother as well because far be it for the reader not to think they are maybe involved maybe Then Something Happens and Lissa can uit her sleazy job and ring Xavier and tell him oui sex oui He’s on the next plane to London and then he’s whisking her off to his island for two weeks of the rumpy and the pumpy There are feelings embedding themselves firmly in the breasts of our hero and heroine but they are not prompting any desires to have any frank and open chats about what’s going on in their lives and any back story stuff that may be even slightly pertinentIn Xavier’s case this is understandable There’s no easy way to slip into casual conversation that you came on to a woman because you thought she was a gold digging hussy after your brother’s millions There’s also no easy way to let your brother know that you’re now shagging his ex girl so Xavier is very careful to make no contact with family eitherIn Lissa’s case it’s less so Her big secret is secret because the plot demands it to be so She’s not concealing anything from the hero because he’s into some weird stuff and she has to go along with it for reasons She thinks he’s a sexy French executive who may have been a bit intense to begin with but has given her some pretty spectacular bedtimes to than make up for it I’m trying not to be spoilery but what’s just happened in her life is big should be making her happy and nervous and why not talk about it with the guy you’re starting to think you’re in love with The plot then demands that Xavier overhear Lissa talking to his brother and then have a crazy head explosion where he says many Awful Things and she Keeps Silent Look it’s all going to work out ok and the hero is going to have to grovel at the base of the heroine’s tower of moral superiority and I’m usually super thrilled when it works out this way but that pointless plot and soapbox againThe effect of the plot is to make what’s actually going on present itself as a secret and one kept because the brother’s beloved is ‘unsuitable’ She’s not It’s perhaps not intended for me to read that she herself is unsuitable that her economic circumstances are a grey area and accepting financial assistance from a generous benefactor is perhaps a little grey But keeping what is really going on a secret and there are enough hints that mean you can work out what it is pretty uickly does make it feel that there is perhaps some stigma attached to the beloved herself in her situation one that can only be spoken of now that it has been rectifiedI do still have a soft spot for this story I’m tickled by the idea that the heroine had no idea that the hero was such a bastard and was perfectly happy to go off to him and have nice bedtimes on his little French island because mostly heroines on nice little islands having nice bedtimes are completely devastated by the hero’s bad feelings and how she can’t reveal the truth about stuff but must love him and let him go when her heart is well and truly broken beyond repair And honestly nothing wrong with a good opportunity to soapbox either

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characters Bedded Or Wedded? ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❮Epub❯ ➠ Bedded Or Wedded? ➟ Author Julia James – He'll bed her expose her then destroy herLissa works hard to help her sister even if that means having to put on false eyelashes and flatter wealthy men Xavier LAlthy men Xavier Lauran has pursued Lissa from the moment he walked Bedded Or eBook #223 into the Soho casino The last thing she needs is the d. When the hero Xavier learns that his half brother is supposedly in love and plans to marry he is immediately suspicious of the woman in uestion He arranges to have his brother investigated and discovered this woman to be Lissa the heroine He sees her as a gold digger and completely unsuitable to be part of the family He plans to expose her for what he believes she is in order to save his brother from humiliation Lissa is actually nothing like what Xavier thinks instead she is working herself to exhaustion to try and pay for treatment for her sister When Xavier and Lissa meet orchestrated by Xavier they are immediately attracted to one another and Xavier is shocked by Lissa's gentle nature He pursues her for an affair and she initially turns him down but eventually succumbs to her desire They spend two seemingly blissful weeks together but they are both keeping secretsOne thing I have found with Julia James's books is that they are always very emotional right from the beginning This is certainly the case in this book as well I really liked how the author hinted at Lissa's story and revealed it in tiny bits it kept me reading and wondering what was going to be revealed and this was executed perfectly Both characters are really well developed; Lissa is very honest but not at all a martyr and Xavier was wonderfully arrogant and powerful The conflict between them was so intense I almost had tears in my eyes And that made the HEA much specialThis is a beautifully written romance with some really deep emotional moments A perfect ModernPresentsOriginally posted at