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FREE READER Õ DOC Confessions of a Surgeon ↠ 9780425245156 ´ GWAIRSOFT Å [PDF / Epub] ✅ Confessions of a Surgeon By Paul A. Ruggieri – As an active surgeon and former department chairman Dr Paul A Ruggieri has seen the good the bad and the ugly of his professiCovers the truth about the abusive exhaustive training and the arduous devotion of his old school education He explores the twenty four hour challenges that come from patients and their loved ones; the ethics of saving the lives of repugnant criminals; the hot button issues of healthcare lawsuits and reimbursements; and the true cost of running a private practice And h It's not a bad book I could have given it a 3 star if I would not have been so annoyed at the writing style There isn't anyRuggieri sounds like a decent man excellent discerning surgeon and a dedicated professional But he does not write well There are some words so often repeated I and me being the most used pronounsMaybe I have become spoiled within such volumes of non fiction and medical which have had such excellent progression and editing? This book was interesting but he takes 7 pages for what could be said better in two It's jumpy in organization despite trying to be chronological It was the MOST successful at impressing upon me the immense importance of staying out of the hospital unless there are no other alternatives

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E explains the influence of the white coat code of silence and why patients may never know what really transpires during surgery Ultimately Dr Ruggieri lays bare an occupation that to most is as mysterious and unfamiliar as it is misunderstood His account is passionate illuminating and often shocking an eye opening never before seen look at real life and death in the O True story 1 I was in graduate school in aerospace engineering before I finally gave up the idea of going to medical school and instead decided to be a rocket scientist I thought for sure that I was going to be an orthopedic surgeon long before I thought I was going to work in satellitesTrue story 2 From what Reggieri says in his book life as a surgeon is very similar to life as a spacecraft systems engineer He saves lives I work on 100 million dollar satellites For him a bad outcome means surgery or death For me it means a broken satellite and a very expensive insurance claim There are many overpriced tools going into both of our jobs And a lot of new ish regulation Finally we both kind of thrive on something going wrong being the hero in the middle of the nightHonestly this is one of the times I wish Goodreads allowed half star ratings I'd give this a three and a half Ruggieri confesses what I've long suspected is true of my surgeons I've had 13 surgeries They think they're akin to gods They don't get enough sleep Seeing someone damage themselves pisses them off And oh do they hate failureRuggieri does a reasonable job of painting a picture of life on the other side of the scalpel It's obvious he think there should be transparency in medical and medical error reporting and he touches that a lot He seems to be an advocate for patient's right to know All of that I can get behindhaving searched for info on my doctors and especially my surgeons I can appreciate that I know next to nothing about any of the people that have cut into me Sure I know their accoladesbut do I know their major complication rate? NopeI guess that I wished this book focused a little less on the disease itself I found myself getting somewhat hypochondriac as I read pages of the book where he described someone feeling otherwise fine having a gut full of tumors I also wish he was a little less repetitive All in all it was an interesting non fiction title but I'd avoid reading it if you get WebMD itis

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Confessions of a SurgeonAs an active surgeon and former department chairman Dr Paul A Ruggieri has seen the good the bad and the ugly of his profession In Confessions of a Surgeon he pushes open the doors of the OR and reveals the inscrutable place where lives are improved saved and sometimes lost He shares the successes failures remarkable advances and camaraderie that make it exciting He un What I remember of this book is that it was an interesting look at a surgical speciality I like books like that I'm always up for a medical memoir But this isn't a review this is why I am pissed off Royally pissed offI read this a few years ago It like uite a few others has disappeared from my booklist without trace I used to report these disappearing books on Feedback and the advice was always to email Support So I did Total waste of timeOccasionally I am able to prove it was on a list as I have an export file but until 2015 when I started to find uite a few books missing I rarely did exports and mostly used to delete them when I did a new one So I send this proof to Support and same result Total waste of timeI have a theory which I can't prove but I believe it is the librarians and perhaps the combine process Boring bit follows view spoilerI know that some librarians super librarians at that have Not a booked genuine books because they personally don't think they should be allowed on GR I'm talking about the reprint companies that do OCR editions of old valuable books collections of Wikipedia articles and various other reprints It's ok for Penguin to do reprints but not for Books LLC Part of the objection was that some of them are collections of articles from Wikipedia So? You think a tourist wants to sit down and spend the next however long researching shipwrecks around this particular island and following links or would rather spend 23 on the book? I fought against this because I stock and sell these reprints There are rare Caribbean books that I occasionally get they cost me over 200 and are hard to resell If I can get a reprint from Books LLC that can resell at say 23 that means I can afford them for myself as well as know I can sell them in the bookshop And the result was that I kept finding these books had just plain disappeared Removed from the database Nice I put them back again when I found themSo how does this apply to an inoffensive traditionally published books like this one? I don't know I'm just saying that if librarians are removing some books why not others deliberately by accident or as part of a process I don't know hide spoiler