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FREE DOWNLOAD Hostage A Year at Gunpoint with Somali Gangsters ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ➝ [Epub] ❦ Hostage A Year at Gunpoint with Somali Gangsters By Paul Chandler ➧ – On 23 October 2009 British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler were kidnappeNt story behind the dramatic headlines At the heart of their A Year at ePUB #8608 survival was A Year at Gunpoint with PDFEPUB or their unshakeable belief in each other and their determination to survive making Hostage an unlikely love story for Paul and Rachel death at times seemed preferable to being separated. To start with I feel sorry for Paul and Rachel to have lost one full year of their life because of this What they went through and how they handled themselves is no man feat On the book it's good overall It gives you a detailed view of his to life is under captivity in Somalia I was reading the book both because I wanted to know about Somali Piracy and also because I was interested in knowing about this particular incident involving the Chandlers Both the expectations have been fulfilled However as the books dwells a bit too much into the daily activities it becomes repetitive after some time and hence you skip some of the pages However it also makes you feel how Paul and Rachel would have felt as they were living this repetitiveness Kudos to both on how they never lost their courage A lot of people would have become completely despondent in such a situation

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On Year at PDFEPUB #182 October British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler were kidnapped from their sailing boat in the archipelago of the SeychellesTheir yacht Lynn Rival was recovered six days later by naval forces abandoned off the central Somali coastAfter the attack Paul and Rachel were taken first onto a pre. Having sailed the Indian Ocean a few years previously I remember thinking when the news broke of the Chandlers kidnap how stupid these people must have been to sail in Somalian waters However having read the book my heart goes out to them They did absolutely nothing wrong and were totally let down by the Seychelles government who were in complete denial about the pirate problem in their waters A friend of mine who worked for Sunsail in the Seychelles at the time told me it was common knowledge that Somalian pirates were targeting the area but nothing was said officially in case it hurt the tourism industry And when the inevitable happened the Seychelles SAR services even managed to botch the response to the EPIRB despite the Falmouth coastguard informing them twice of the Chandlers distress signal Unbelievable and unforgivable Stepping off my soapbox now and concentrating on the book as a 'read' Yes a fascinating insight into the whole Somalian problem and the struggles and terrors of being held hostage by a criminal gang However despite being riveting in parts there was perhaps too much detail concerning the day to day boredom and depression of captivity which was probably highly cathartic to write but made for at times a laborious read I understand this wasn't written for wholly 'entertainment' value but there was a lot of action going on behind the scenes which was suashed into a tiny chapter at the end as a 'summary' I really wanted to know about the people involved in the Chandlers release and the mechanics of the negotiations which were admittedly complex and protracted yet logistically fascinating For instance how do you go about organising an illegal air drop of several hundred thousand pounds into a lawless country Perhaps we'll have a seuel from the players behind the scenes sometime in the future

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Hostage A Year at Gunpoint with Somali GangstersViously hijacked merchant Hostage A Epubship and then to Somalia where they were held for over a year enduring threats and intimidation while their captors tried to extort millions of dollars from their familyIn this remarkable book the Chandlers recount their terrifying ordeal revealing the inspiring and poigna. A traumatic story that demonstrates that love can overcome anything