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Free read Khu AUTHOR Jocelyn Murray ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ã ❮KINDLE❯ ❆ Khu Author Jocelyn Murray – Egypt 2035 BC In a land steeped in myth and superstition a raid on a small village leaves a young boy Khu its only survivor Fate paves a strange and mystical path through Egypt compete for sovereignty over a realm plagued by instability rebellion and fear Two kings and their kingdoms battle over one dream a dream threatened by shifting allegiances and foreign invasion Khu is a story of a boy who. Khu A Tale of Ancient Egypt was exactly that an engrossing tale about ancient Egypt If you have ever wanted to have a history lesson in a culture that lived over 4000 years ago this would definitely be a book for your reading list It was very easy to immerse yourself into the past and into the vivid descriptions of what life may have been likeKhu is one of the main characters of the story An orphaned child who saw unspeakable evil at a very young age A child who had been blessed by the gods and the fates Khu has an amazing ability to see into the heart and soul of those around him Hes blessed with an amazing intuition that will save many lives After being orphaned he is taken into the home of Tem the primary consort of King Mentuhotep He is raised in the palace and recognized as a son of the ruler who wants to see a divided Egypt made wholeKhu is trained as a warrior and not only faces down the terror that befell the village of his youth he is a part of the battle that will finally see King Mentuhoteps dream of a reunited Egypt become realityThe story was vividly told and you could see the temples and feel the reverence and fear that the Egyptians held for the gods of their day You were completely immersed in a world that none of us has seen but can only imagine And I think that it came across as better than I could have ever imagined Beautifully illistrated through words that were nearly as vivid and clear as a painting I enjoyed this book very much and was sad when it ended I wanted to hear

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Becomes a warrior amid tragedy and triumph It is a tale of virtue vice and valor where the destiny of a divided nation is inextricably linked to that of the boy Khu in the struggle to restore Egypt to a unified and glorious kingdo. I do not read much Historical fiction but I'm glad I decided to read this one'Khu A Tale of Ancient Egypt' provides a riveting account of the ancient world and it can be clearly seen that the author has done a lot of research on the subject The map and appendix provided regarding the places and the Ancient Gods mentioned throughout the text provide credibility to the same I applaud the author for the effortBut besides the story of Ancient Egypt Khu is a wonderful tale of a young boy's strength and endurance of family and brotherhood and the victory of good over evil All scenarios have been beautifully depicted and if you are a fan of historical fiction this one is sure to keep you engrossed throughout

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Khu AUTHOR Jocelyn MurrEgyptBC In a land steeped in myth and superstition a raid on a small village leaves a young boy Khu its only survivor Fate paves a strange and mystical path through dark and uncertain times when the split powers of Upper and Lower. The most striking aspect of this novel is the author’s incredible passion and knowledge of her subject matter I personally found it highly infectious Every chapter we find ourselves learning something new about this ancient Egyptian period one set after the golden age of the Old Kingdom and now a divided country where “darkness” shrouds much of land and “bands and robbers and lawless tribes” crawl through “the region like grain beetles” The author brings alive a world four millennia ago with countless pieces of information about the roles of the various gods ceremonial items cycles of the Nile and the journey of the soul after deathThere is a clear juxtaposition between good and evil in this tale and the author deals with each of these differently Khu like his adopted father Mentuhotep is an idealised character one “completely without guile” with “jewelled eyes” showing “nothing but sincerity” In contrast however the author allows herself far creative freedom for her villains Khety the rival ruler is a fascinating character study Whilst we see him at first as a traditional Machiavellian; ruthless scheming and bent on power we are soon given glimpses into his soul and find him to be a tortured individual motivated by jealousy “heartache pain and misery” There are several villainous characters in the tale and the author seems to delight in writing about each one The most truly terrifying of all is Ankhtifi Khety’s enforcer a psychopath devoid of warmth and humour and a man whose reputation “preceded him with the stench of death” Overall I found Khu A Tale of Ancient Egypt a most enjoyable and informative read so much so I plan to read by this author