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Roadside Crosses Book ☆ 498 pages Download » Gwairsoft î [Reading] ➿ Roadside Crosses By Jeffery Deaver – Penisola di Monterey California Sulla Highway 1 un poliziotto vede a bordo strada un’inuietante croce di legno su cui è incisa la data del giorno dopo pensa a un errore o a unoPenisola di Monterey California Sulla Highway 1 un poliziotto vede a bordo strada un’inuietante croce di legno su cui è incisa la data del giorno dopo pensa a un errore o a uno scherzo di pessimo gusto Non sa che di lì a ventiuattr’ore proprio in uel punto verrà trovata una ragazza in fin di vita uando un’altra croce compare lungo la strada e poi un’altra sempre ad annunciare morti non ancora avvenute è chiaro che ualcuno sta giocando a scrivere il futuro E si sta divertendo un mondo Il caso arriva sulla scrivania di Kathryn Dance per l’agente del Californ So much about computer games and blogs And I don't think that people are that much foolish to misunderstand the difference between the real world and the computer games However Kathryn Dance's character and her talent in body language was very well written Her character was depicted in two perspectives; her professional life and her personal life While she was hunting for the killer she had to make her mother come clean from the murder charges She was torn between the two lives Recommended for those who love thrillers and mystery

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Ia Bureau of Investigation comincia una nuova rocambolesca caccia al serial killer; ma per risolvere il caso della “strada delle croci” l’esperta di body language insieme al collega O’Neil dovrà muoversi in un territorio a lei sconosciuto e terribilmente ingannevole il mondo dei giochi di ruolo online dove la verità ha fin troppe facce Ed è lì tra social network e universi sintetici che il diciassettenne Travis Brigham ha imparato a vivere tutte le vite che vuole passando con sconvolgente disinvoltura dal ruolo di vittima a uello di carnefice dal personaggio Disappointing Kathryn Dance seuel little mystery way too much bloggingWe thoroughly enjoyed Deaver's new character Kathyrn Dance a specialist in kinesics body language who helped solve the mystery in the author's Lincoln Rhyme novel Cold Moon She then starred in her own first complete story Sleeping Doll which we found highly entertaining Unfortunately the author missed the mark completely in Crosses her third appearance and this time again in charge of an investigation as leading lady The premise was actually engaging someone is leaving a series of roadside crosses to predict a death not commemorate one However that thread was virtually abandoned as was Dance's claim to fame kinetic analysis as 90% of the book was Deaver railing about the dominance of blogging in today's internet sphere and how dangerous and silly that unregulated activity can be The plot was poorly crafted the bulk of the story was boring and Dance has no better skills at running a straight investigation than the average reader We are longtime Deaver fans even of his early works under his pseudonym William Jeffries But we conclude from this mediocre outing that Dance as a supporting helper is far interesting than having her trudge through an entire case only rarely using her uniue talents Moreover we don't need Deaver to labor over an expose of blogging or anything else on the internet we see enough of that stuff willingly or not online we don't need it in our books

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Roadside CrossesDel martire a uello dello spietato vendicatore Ci vorranno tutta l’intelligenza e la prontezza dell’agente Dance per tirare le fila di una storia piena di deviazioni e false piste e capire ual è uella giusta tra le tante versioni possibili della veritàCon La strada delle croci Jeffery Deaver fa tornare in campo più smaliziata e irresistibile che mai Kathryn Dance eroina della Bambola che dorme infallibile uanto Lincoln Rhyme affascinante uanto Amelia Sachs E ci regala un thriller che è un gioco di specchi perfetto dal uale è impossibile non lasciarsi ipnotizza Jeffrey Deaver always brings it with a good story but while this is a decently good read it's not one of his best Kathryn Dance is the kinesics or “body language” expert for the California Bureau of Investigation She can “read” people and tell if they are lying AND what kind of liar they are She uses this in her investigations and especially interrogations The case to which she's just been assigned is a serial killer who is leaving crosses at the roadsides with the date of the death—BEFORE he kills themThe clues lead Kathryn and her team to Travis Brigham a teen obsessed with online role playing games Travis was involved in a car accident where two girls died Although he was not cited for a criminal act no drinking involved appeared to have simply lost control of the vehicle the community is against him and baying for blood A popular local blog calls for investigation into the incident especially for officials to look into road safety in that area—and it turns into a no holds barred attack on Travis from multiple posters Everyone has heard rumors that they KNOW are true Travis is a Satanist he stalks women he's crazy When Travis disappears and the killings and attempted killings ramp up Kathryn knows she must find him before it's too late But how do you find someone who has spent 8 hours a day online studying fighting and survival and advanced evasion techniues?One of the reasons that this book is not uite as good as most of Deaver's work is not really the book's fault—it has a lot of information about blogs and online gaming and like any fiction book that has the internet as part of the plot it is VERY dated When one character carefully explains to Kathryn what blogs are how they were invented their history etc it completely ruins the building tension of the storyline because it's sooo not necessary to explain that to anyone in the world reading this book “Oh my gosh a “blog” you say? Short for “weblog”? And people write stuff and post it online? And anyone can read it? How crazy and innovative” Lol There was information about how there was a huge war going on between computer blog purists who thought all blogs should be about computers and the other bloggers who thought blogs should be about anything you want Also the blogger in this story was considered incredibly influential because he posted his opinion on things like highway safety new construction projects etc And he refused to take it down even though the people commenting were being killed This all was hard to believe Sort of a plot hole that if his motivation was that his egotistical thoughts were sooo important that his message must go out—why not just close the posts to comments? Problem solved Pretty sure that all blog software that lets people post comments also has the option of NOT letting them The last part that was sort of hard to believe was that all the teenagers would be reading his blog and commenting on it Yes because teens love nothing than posting on adults' blogs about new construction and stuff When I'm reading a book I want to believe what's happening it needs to be believable while I'm reading the book I want to be lost in the story So it's annoying when something comes along that throws me out of the story and that happens a lot in this book because of the outdated technologyThe other problem I had with the book was that Deaver tried to cram too much into the last bit—the first 78 of the book is building up suspense and then it's like he realized it was going to finish at too many pages or he ran out of time or something The last few chapters were like “and then this happened And then THIS happened And THIS” So it seemed sort of unfulfilling and almost cobbled togetherOverall it was still a book that mostly held my attention just the ending didn't uite live up to the rest