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דבש אריותDvash arayiot review ✓ 103 Í ❰Epub❯ ❧ דבש אריותDvash arayiot Author David Grossman – Gwairsoft.co.uk Israel's most lauded contemporary writer retells the myth of Samson one of the most tempestuous charismatic and colorful characters in the Hebrew Bible There are few other Bible storEn he bedded and the one woman that he loved his betrayal by all the women in his life from his mother to Delilah and in the end his murderous suicide when he brought the house down on himself and three thousand PhilistinesYet beyond the wild impulsiveness the chaos the din we can make out a life story that is at bottom the tortured journey of a single lonely and turbulent soul w. ‘Out of the eater came something to eatOut of the strong came something sweet’The story of Samson forms four chapters 13 16 of the Book of Judges There are a number of aspects to the story but the best known is that of the strong man who loses his strength when his hair is cut thanks to Delilah Samson is imprisoned by the Philistines but in his final act is able to bring down a building on himself and three thousand Philistines In this brief 145 page book written for The Myths series David Grossman writes of Samson as an individual an outcast whose freakish strength sets him apart Samson may well be a national symbol of Jewish fight back but in David Grossman’s telling of the story he is also a man who wants to belong to be accepted by others for himself Samson is in an impossible position ‘A lonely man forever tortured enslaved by a God who has chosen for him a demanding mission the salvation of Israel for which his personality and character are too weak’In trying to understand why Samson finally breaks down and tells Delilah his secret David Grossman speculates that it was ‘with the foolish innocence of one who believes that if he were to confide everything to another person all at once in a kind of innocent transfusion he would finally achieve a feeling of genuine intimacy’ Poor SamsonIt isn’t just Samson the man that David Grossman is concerned with Samson can also be seen as a metaphor for both the Jewish people and the modern state of Israel David Grossman writes ‘Jews throughout the ages took pride in the tales of his Samson's heroism and yearned for the physical strength bravery and manliness that he represented They esteemed no less his ability to apply force without any restraints or moral inhibitions an ability which history withheld from the trod upon Jews for millennia until the establishment of the state of Israel’This is the first book in The Myths series that I have read and I picked it up purely by chance I enjoyed it The publisher’s blurb for this series states ‘Myths are universal and timeless stories that reflect and shape our lives — they explore our desires our fears our longings and provide narratives that remind us what it means to be human The Myths series brings together some of the world's finest writers each of whom has retold a myth in a contemporary and memorable way’I will be looking to read books from The Myths series as time permitsJennifer Cameron Smith

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Ho never found anywhere a true home in the world whose very body was a harsh place of exile For me this discovery this recognition is the point at which the myth for all its grand images its larger than life adventures slips silently into the day to day existence of each of us into our most private moments our buried secrets from David Grossman's introduction to Lion's Hone. Roger described this modern retelling of Samson aspart simple narrative part Talmudic part Freudian part contemporary political commentary and all highly personal

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דבש אריותDvash arayiotIsrael's most lauded contemporary writer retells the myth of Samson one of the most tempestuous charismatic and colorful דבש אריותDvash MOBI #234 characters in the Hebrew Bible There are few other Bible stories with so much drama and action narrative fireworks and raw emotion as we find in the tale of Samson the battle with the lion the three hundred burning foxes the wom. 13 Lion's Honey The Myth of Samson The Myths by David Grossmantranslation from Hebrew by Stuart Schoffman in 2006published 2005format 184 page paperback including the KJV version of Samson The Book of Judges 13 16acuired 2012 from read Feb 26 Mar 1rating 4Samson is an oddball part of the Bible with parallels going east to Gilgamesh and west to Hercules Gilgamesh and Hercules both kill a lion and wear a lion skin as in identifier; Samson kills a lion then later finds a honey rich beehive inside the carcass leading to a riddle and much fun and slaughter in this sugar free world Samson also ties in to the later myth of bugonia a ritual based on the belief that bees were spontaneously euivocally generated from a cow's carcass a topic Virgil will write about and in the process become the main source of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice But I'm off topic now There is only a tiny amount of this stuff in Grossman's bookGrossman gets credit for writing what should be a really boring book and making it uite readable and compelling He goes step by step through the story of Samson with a commentary of his ideas at each step It's repetitive and yet still readable I love this kind of info and yet hate reading this stuff and yet I never felt tormented here It's pleasant with some narrative driveGrossman's Samson is misunderstood alone the only one in his time with the spirit of the Lord inside him setting him firmly apart His understanding uestionable and his expression minimal his self destructiveness the only expression we are able to read off He is also a bit of an artist spouting poetic lines and riddles And having one of the most spectacular suicides in literature anywhere I like Grossman's take even when I felt it was incomplete For example he goes into detail on what Samson's mother tells and doesn't tell her husband The angel of the Lord came on to her sexual double meaning working in both English and Hebrew So she is maybe a bit compromised by his message of this possibly partially divine son She gives her husband the entire angel's message except for two parts she doesn't tell her husband this unborn son will smite Philistines and she doesn't tell him that this son's weakness is his hair Grossman goes on and on and yet doesn't mention once that it's possible she might have been protecting her son from a father who might be exposed to or partial to Philistines It would seem to be the obvious explanation They were Danites and therefore in close associated geographically with the powerful Philistines But it doesn't interest Grossman Anyway that's probably than you wanted to know I only recommend this book to those who really want to know about Samson I wanted to know about Grossman and I don't feel this book gave me all that much insight into this contemporary Israeli author