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CHARACTERS ¹ Sextrology The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes Æ ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Sextrology The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes By Stella Starsky ➯ – Picking up where Linda Goodman’s Love Signs never dared to go here is an original smart and provocative approach to evaluating sexual idenRiginal astro sexual philosophy In this highly entertaining and illuminating romp from inside the head to inside the jeans the authors uncover the naked truth behind each of the gender signs With Sextrology The Epubnary a trace of new age mumbo jumbo they explore each sign’s personal psychology physical attributes and sexual behavior in titillating detail straig. One of my favorite astrology books it is THE textbook A favorite coffee table read at parties Intelligently written and surprisingly accurate although descriptions of each zodiac sign are based on sun sign only This book won't help you create your astrological chart but it will give you great insight into yourself as a human being in intimate romantic relationships One of the only books to examine gender in relation to astrology For example there are different sections for Libra men and Libra women and so on and so forth Also one of the only books to discuss same sex relationships Looking forward to their next book which will examine specific couplings eg Gemini woman Leo man A must have for any astrology freak HIGHLY recommended by this one


Ht gay and beyondFrom fantasies to favorite positions erogenous zones to emotional needs Sextrology will help you better understand your and others’ sexual character improve your understanding of relationships and find out what to expect from a new person in your life No stone is left unturned in this intelligent and enlightening investigation of sex and the sex. As far as astrology or particularly the astrology of sex and the sexes goes I found this to be a surprisingly thorough book I have read Joanna Martine Woolfolk's hilarious little book Sexual Astrology A Sign by Sign Guide to Your Sensual Stars which suggested such unsavory things as Capricorns generally being turned on by their lover sticking their toe in their armpit Alas I still wonder how many Capricorns she may have tried this on and how well the author herself actually reads facial expressions or other reactions to such endeavors As a Cap the notion of a toe in my armpit as a part of successful foreplay had me somewhere between gagging and giggling hysterically In contrast Marlene Rathgeb's Sexual Astrology seemed far structured and very briefly outlined the various pairings between partners the role their rising sign may play etcNow going back on this book it is divided into chapters or sections about the different genders gives an overview of what makes this sign tick then goes on to elaborate on things such as Sign Mind Body Soul Sex Sexuality and lastly offers insight into the differences between straight and gay sexuality or compatibility with other signs We learn about the planetary symbols sign uadrants polarity psychology the signs in literature and the Bible okay elements and archetypes as well as myths involving the signs It is probably unsurprisingly a very positive book for the most part not going very deeply into the weaknesses and problems of each sign which is why I found a book like Darkside Zodiac for example rather refreshing and although I often laughed out loud it was for other reasons than why Woolfolk's book cracked me up the way it did it simply hit very close to home but was never patronizing or offensive In any case Sextrology is despite its length a uick read Now we must be clear on the fact that astrology is not a science of course but that aside for as concrete or exact as a book like this can be it did deliver

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Sextrology The Astrology of Sex and the SexesPicking up where Linda Goodman’s Astrology of ePUB #9734 Love Signs never dared to go here is an original smart and provocative approach to evaluating sexual identities that will once again have people asking “What’s your sign”In sophisticated uninhibited language Sextrology candidly explores each sign of the zodiac male and female through a uniue wholly o. have you ever wondered which star sign is the most likely to engage in scat play well dear reader never fear welcome to the astrology guide of your dreams which sign likes it rough which sign is a big excited puppy which sign has the smallest tits which sign has the biggest dick which sign is bossy in bed which sign just lays there like a wooden plank which sign is the gayest which sign is the most lesbionic hey what is the hairiest sign which sign likes to trim that bush all those answers and await you and your uivering fingers within this exhaustive tome good grief the level of detail on every single sign is mind boggling how do they know these things every tiny little thing about a person down to the most obscure details are people really defined by their sign so much so that each sexual longing can be exactly predicted and minutely detailed in every way why would the stars know which sign has the biggest feet why would the stars even care or was this book written by God a God like level of knowledge of all human beings and everything they do is certainly contained within fortunately the tone of the book is light rather than ponderous which makes reading this perhaps similar to the feeling one would have rushing through a lavish and over heated bodice ripper it is a true guilty pleasure