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DOWNLOAD Tempus Fugit ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Û ➹ [Reading] ➻ Tempus Fugit By Mavis Applewater ➮ – Buchanan High School senior Ellen Druette has a secure spot on the Varsity cheerleading suad a first string football player boyfriend and a solid plan for her life Then the Swenson twins sweeH Laurie Swenson makes the first move on her it's Ginny who captures her heart But malicious forces are at work in the Swenson family and Ginny their scapegoat is convicted of crimes she didn't commit and sent to prison Determined to prove her lover's innocence Ellen investigates the case even as she completes her pre law studies and enters law school By the time Ginn. I really enjoyed this book I'm sure it would make a great movie in a Forrest Gump styleI have to say at the end it was a bit long for me even though it never lost its uality pace and senseSPOILERMy only but is the moment you are waiting for comes too easily after all the waiting making you feel like waiting for a birthday present and getting a picture frame A nice picture frame though ;

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Y is released from prison she and Ellen have grown apart They're still attracted to one another but neither is confident of the other's feelings Are they really in love or are they just very good friends Against the turbulent psychedelic backdrop of the Sixties Ellen and Ginny drift in and out of each other's lives as they strive for the courage to reveal their hearts. Loved the book Another wonderful story way to go Mavis

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Tempus FugitBuchanan High School senior Ellen Druette has a secure spot on the Varsity cheerleading suad a first string football player boyfriend and a solid plan for her life Then the Swenson twins sweep into town in their matching Chevy Bel Air convertibles Tall blonde and gorgeous the twins are uickly accepted into the cheerleading suad and Ellen's plan begins to unravel Thoug. I found this book frustrating but that's just me i dont like depressing storylines but round it up to OK because there are many aspects that show the author's talent for writing and pulling you into her story It had some great 5 star moments but a majority of it was bothersome for me1A majority of the book was about unfortunate events and horrible situations that happened to the main character and the girl she loved I struggle to enjoy books with so much tragedy Even if it all ends well having so much time spent in the book dwelling on the sad facts isn't entertaining no matter how much you love the characters2I'm a fairly detail oriented person and this book had too many time frame inconsistencies and typos to ignore i started making note of them all but gave up3You know those books that have you yelling at the characters Oh just tell her you love her already Well this is one of those to an extreme and unbelievable degree Especially given their actions and the amount of time that passes The inconsistencies and behaviors take good character development and ruin it turning the lovable main character into a completely unbelievable idiot Suffice it to say if you aren't in the mood for the lack of communication game avoid this book It wants you to believe that these best friends pull it off for 13 years all the while having on againoff again sexOn the positive side the author does have a talent with telling a story The characters and their families are so realistic i often thought it might be a non fiction book except for the actions of the main character this story really does pull you into it like you are one of the people involved So i like the detail and background she put into the whole thing Her skill would shine with a good editorAs for the length; it is long and that's normally a plus for me i love a good long book that can last than just one sitting and has you feeling you got your money's worth But going back to #1 above it's length was spent visiting unhappy situations even the 'breeze through town' hook ups were frustrating so if I'm going to spend 2 days instead of 1 reading a book i don't want to spend 90% of that time being depressed Jericho by Ann McMan is a good example of a long book that is enjoyable throughout This book however the length became annoying