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The Emerald Atlas Read & Download Ç 4 ò ➳ [Reading] ➶ The Emerald Atlas By John Stephens ➩ – They were taken from their beds one frozen night when the world was covered in snow The silhouette of a tall thin man has haunted Kate ever sinceTen years on Kate Michael and Emma have grown up in a s They werEnts have faded to a blur Arriving at Cambridge Falls the children uickly realise there is something different about this place and Kate feels sure she has seen the dark crooked house beforeAs they explore they discover an old empty leather book The moment they touch it an ancient. The Emerald Atlas reads like a mix of CSLewis's The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe JKRowling's Harry Potter and even Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events It was just too much so many plots and elements taken from every other popular series that Stephens almost fails to deliver his own twists his uniue charms to the novel Stephen's protagonists are not unfamiliar They're almost archetypal And certainly the're very reminiscent of Violet Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire particularly MichaelKlaus's bookish ways Gabriel was like a mix of my favorite giant Hagrid and Narnia's Aslan Dr Pym was clearly another version of Albus Dumbledore Aside from that I'm getting uite fed up with this whole orphan concept with the kids getting sympathy from readers due to this longing and missing their parents The whole gotta rescue my parents who are trapped by some great evil plot is overused too I really just wished Stephens could have done something new added another twist to them being lonely orphans The general plot is intriguing but painstakingly underdeveloped and filled with ludicrous and overused elements I'm a big fan of time traveling concepts but unfortunately The Emerald Atlas just confused me with this telling of dual universes and just the technicalities and loop holes of such details I don't even want to go back and try to understand it any But The point is there are two different versions of what happened in the past yet Dr Pym and others remember both accounts even after Kate changed history Um I thought two versions couldn't exist simultaneously And hello butterfly effect anyone Time traveling theories are uite tricky which is really why Stephens shouldn't have attempted it I just think it takes someone experienced to try to explain these concepts especially since his writing wasn't totally on par Interestingly enough Stephens worked on Gossip Girl Gil Girls and The OC Maybe he should stick to script writing as Stephens tends to roll over the details as well as important dialogue with a paragraph summary The imbalance between dialogue and summary was just really prominent through out Stephens does throw in uite an amount of humor and even wit but it seems like I noticed the flaws I don't hate the book even despite the awful load of taken plot elements and characteristics from my favorite fictional personalities as the general story can be uite uniue However I found the protagonists not very endearing or lovely the other characters too similar to some of my favorites to even differentiate and the time traveling just too full of holes to fully enjoy

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They were taken from their beds one frozen night when the world was covered in snow The silhouette of a tall thin man has haunted Kate ever sinceTen years on Kate Michael and Emma have grown up in a string of The Emerald eBook #241 miserable orphanages and all memories of their par. WOWThis was as magical as Harry Potter and as epic as Narnia The Emerald Atlas was simply a delight to readThis is a fantastic children's fantasy The characters are engaging and each has their own personality making it easy to relate to at least one And they have flaws They have real believable flawsThe world is simply enchanting It is built so well that I could imagine it all so well at points I wondered to myself if there had been a dramatisation of this made because it really came to life There are your common fantasy races like dwarves and witches but then there are some brand new and uite terrifying additionsThe plot is fantastic there are aspects of mystery that don't end as you think they will It twists and turns and helps to weave this marvellous story And that ending Just when you think everything has calmed down that everything is going to be OK now Well I don't want to spoil it for youWhen I finished this I was left with that slightly empty yet expectant feeling that I have very rarely felt This is a really powerful start to the seriesI can't wait to read on I received a copy of this for free via Goodreads First Reads

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The Emerald AtlasMagical prophecy is set irrevocably in motion and the children are thrown into a dangerous alternate reality of dark enchantments and terrifying monsters Only they can prevent the terrible event that will ruin Cambridge Falls and stop the world from falling into complete devastatio. While it is possible for a plot to be too simple this author seemed to believe that his story would get better and better the complicated he could make the plot What we end up with is three protagonists who are rarely together so we have to follow at least two and sometimes three different story lines at the same time with constant shifting between them not to mention all the not very well defined time traveling and it's kind of a mess There are two or three chapters near the end which seem to be added just to try to explain everything else that happened But by the time I got to those chapters I had stopped caring The author was too busy spinning a web to make us care about any of the main characters Even the names were not consistant We have one character who is alternately refered to as the witch or the countess and I think she may have been given a name too There is the secretary who is also Cavandish I kept forgetting this was the same person The bad guys also have two names and it doesn't seem to matter who is talking about them as to which name is used Even Kate one of the main siblings meets one person who constantly calls her Katherine and another who always calls her Katrina and she never once says Hello My name is Kate