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Between Predicates War Free download º 5 Á ➤ [Epub] ➞ Between Predicates War By Institute for Experimental Freedom ➮ – From Egypt to the US Greece to the UK contemporary struggle announces a revolt against government These theses draw a line connecting the forces at play examine their parodic languAgainst the meaning of autonomy and in doing so ask the uestion “What does it mean to live Between Predicates Epuba life” This uneasy uestion and this decade of experiments aimed at answering it anticipate the formation of a real force What grew rhizomatically in subterranean practices of sharing between anti globalization and rad. A co worker lent me this book since we've had a number of political discussions He considers himself an insurrectional anarchist and said this book was a good starting place to understand that political philosophy It's very dense for a supposed starting point but despite a lack of definitions for a multitude of terms I had never heard before I was able to follow most of it The majority of the essays are not about the viability of insurrection or anarchy but about the forms we see insurrection taking in contemporary events In the view of the authors revolt against current apparatuses of power are not sufficient unless taken for their own sake For instance Occupy Wall Street is considered significant because it takes on systems of power with the reasoning for taking on the powers is irrelevant Whether we demand democracy or chaos contemporary struggle edges toward a total unraveling of the particular anthropology of 'Man' as The GovernedIn effect the authors intend to destroy not only the current governments but all powers that seek to control humanity even if humanity controls those powers as in democracy which is condemned in one of the books most confusing passages The goal of this revolution is not to replace a governing body with a better governing body but to do away with the concept of governance altogether and become enchanted with life our idle hands will be a virtue and our laborious hands will be free to work with care and play pleasure and cruelty to build and destroy There is no other way And as soon as the first space is irreversibly made inhabitable for communism as soon as a rhythm of anarchy takes hold the paradigm of Man the Governed will come to a close and life without predicates will begin on earthThese are the final lines of the book and the first time communism appears to be mentioned Essentially the authors believe that after the destruction of every power apparatus and a period of complete anarchy flags will be tarnished with blood and we will become terrible than the worst nightmares of government communism in its purest form not to be confused with state capitalism socialism or least of all fascism will finally be able to take hold as communities govern themselves without the use of misguided systems of indirect and diluted democracy Only through experiencing the total chaos of absolute liberty in its truest form will humanity turn its back on individualism and embrace collectivismIt's an interesting point of view and my first deep look into truly radical politics I'd recommend it if you want to understand ideas outside of the normal range presented in everyday life However be warned as it is uite dense and assumes the reader has a certain level of understanding of radical leftist libertarianism or as it's often called Anarchism

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From Egypt to the US Greece to the UK contemporary struggle announces a revolt against government These theses draw a line connecting the forces at play examine their parodic language affective practices and radically self annihilating tactics At the threshold of our epoch and at our phase of self governance the events unfolding rub up. I don't really know how to rate this book On one hand it is clearer than previous writings On the other there is still plenty of jargon that may be off putting war machines apparatuses etc If the proposed strategy is not to increase intensities but rather to spread revolt then this sort of language does little

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Between Predicates WarIcal environmentalism between riots against the democratic police and irruptions of occupied spaces burst through into the open and unpredictable air of the now At our particular moment there is a chance that from ancient Athenian democracy to our refined economy of subjectivation techniues the paradigm of government may come to a close. Probably the best notes on Tiun and invisible committee for people in the US so far as a kind of synthesis of them Maybe sometimes too focused in writing on the event of rupture rather than what comes before or after maybe coming out of a position that was too aesthetically negationist but it's good It all feels too much like what friends have been discussing for the last couple years put into a little book I mostly agree but being a part of those conversations not much other than style seems especially new or provoking to me For others it probably still could be