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Bought The Greek's Baby Summary ↠ 108 Å [EPUB] ✶ Bought The Greek's Baby Author Jennie Lucas – American beauty Eve Craig fell under the spell of powerful Talos Xenakis in a hot blooded Athens encounterThree months later Eve has lost her innocence and her memoryBut she has aroused Talos's desire American beauty EAmerican beauty Eve Craig fell under the spell of powerful Talos Xenakis in a hot blooded Athens encounterThree months later Ev. This is my favourite book by Jennie The end scene alone was enough to make this book a classic It's a tale of revenge gone wrong and right at the same time Eve was strong determined and on a mission when she fall pregnant and losses her memory Talos wants revenge for the secrets she has told his enemy He finds out she is pregnant and runs to get her at his mercy and under his control So of course he forces her to marry him I just love the whole thing Also the fact that they want to have 6 kids made it for me Having 6 myself I understand the desire for a large family Guess that influenced my loving this bookBest book and I have read this book at 5 times now What can I say I am a total sucker for the epic grovel and the extremely hot guyHappy reading

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M So what better way to punish the woman who nearly ruined him than marry and destroy her Only she's now carrying his love child. I abandoned this but then it's probably coz I wasn't in the mood for it So I am re reading it now cause all my friends loved it and because it was written by the flawless Jennie LucasAfter re reading this I can say this is the best Jennie Lucas book ever The angst was delicious both hero and heroine were three dimensional characters with depth and complex emotions The final chapters broke my heart I couldn't believe Eve regained her memory and left Talos while carrying his child And when she regretted leaving him and almost gave birth alone I was literally crying I was so glad she finally overcame her bitterness and anger The epilogue was super cute adorable and cheesy I mean six kids I adore Jennie Lucas she is the best Harleuin Presents author out there She makes all other Harleuin Presents authors seem so lame

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Bought The Greek's BabyE has lost her innocence and her Bought The MOBI #234 memoryBut she has aroused Talos's desire and his anger she has betrayed hi. WTF I picked this up at the library and sucked it down in a couple of hours Really liked it Imagine my surprise to find that I had DNF'd this one a while ago Here is my original review too much betrayal and revengeSo what's different I must have been in the mood for it I guess Big shrug hereSo my review this time around isI liked the amnesia bit here I am a sucker for amnesia stories in general and this one was well done I loved how she was so changed from her previous personality and how he couldn't help falling in love with her even though he was out for revenge The story was told mainly from the hero's POV which I prefer I really loved the hero He really had a reason for his desire for revenge unlike most hokey revenge themed books But he could not continue to be mean to her AwwwAnd there was a surprising twist that made the revenge element way interesting