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Know Thine EnemyEvery night Izzie faces the worst of inhumanity but she’s never forgotten that evil Know Thine PDF wears many faces often human Starting with the father who first tried to kill her Ryker is a creature most hunters would kill on sight but unless he goes for her jugular her blade stays sheathed When an enemy Ryker thought long dead rises to settle an old score he and Izzie are swept into a shadowy world of government experimentation Forced to per. This review was originally published at Vampire Book ClubI always enjoy a heroine who thinks for herself That’s the case with Izzie She’s a demon hunter without a reason to kill vampires and the like She does it because she’s good at it because the man who saved her from the streets has a vendetta She knows humans can be just as vicious and cruel and she only attacks those who make a move on her And that makes her incredibly interesting to RykerRyker’s an old vampire and really he just wants to be left to live his life He’s not really the eat a bunny kind of vampire but isn’t out hunting to kill either Humans haven’t really interested him but there’s something about a vampire slayer who doesn’t see every one of them as evil that catches his eye And well he’s a good guy When is past catches up with him and pulls Izzie into a dark place with him he’ll do whatever he can to change things To save herTheir romance blossoms under awful circumstances — lab rat style folks — so they both have to uestion if their feelings are real safe or even right Rosalie Stanton manages to craft an intense relationship borne of a mix of lust shared survival and a bit of fate for her hero and heroine The journey is intense and complex but also damn hotI can appreciate love coming from a dark place and that’s what we have here The journey isn’t simple Points of the plot horrify the characters as well as the reader but it’s done with purpose Know Thine Enemy is dark incredibly sexy and boasts a mile of twistsSexual content Sex and sexual interactions under dubious situation

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Free read Ô Know Thine Enemy Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Know Thine Enemy By Rosalie Stanton – A daughter of a holy man A creature of unholy desire The hunt is onThe Wall is than just a St Louis watering hole It’s Ryker’s refuge a placForm sexually humiliating acts for an audience of “scientists” they instinctively forge a bond of trust in an inferno of desire that melts into something A bond that must survive the ultimate sacrifice if love is to endure Warning Forced but not unwilling hot sex with bite voyeurism a vampire with a vendetta a government department that studies mating habits but definitely isn’t affiliated with Fish Wildlife and inappropriate use of tran dar. This book fucking sucksfirst of all the book is way too short for its plot It starts off with a prologue that the rest of the book really doesn’t need to make sense and if the editor had any sense they’d have snipped it or told the author to instead start the book with a flashback of Izzie murdering her dad which has bearing though not much given how shallow the characters are on the motivations and actions of one of the two main charactersthe main characters Izzie and fuck’s his name don’t even get captured til like a third way through the book and that’s incredible because it felt like 4 scenes had happened before the plot actually startedAlso the author is very bad at keeping consistent between what they are informing us directly about the characters and how the characters come across through the text Stanton tells us whats his fuck thinks of humans as beneath him but in the two interactions he has with Izzie before this revelation i was actually under the opinion he was a nice vampire that he liked humans and btw he’s nice to two out of the 4 named humans in the books the other two being a sadistic scientist and a vampire hunter who tries to kill him with a crossbow wow he sure hates those humansizzie falls for whats his dick after two orgasms and 4 total interactions with said person attached to said dick and dick mcgee while taking longer has no particular chemistry with Izzie or deep conversation that prompts said romantic revelationin fact i’d say the entirety of their relationship before both are in love is at most 2 weeks and if it’s not 2 weeks the author also fails at showing time passing bravoalso i came here for some fucked up co dependency and monstery behaviour and instincts content and i am SEVERELY DISAPPOINTEDwait i forgot to mention Every Character in this book is white every single one To a like absurd degree are they white holy shit why isn't anyone poc I thought Connor was meant to be Jamaican at first because of his weird as fuck accent because I just couldn't make sense of why his lines are written the way they are otherwise but no he's actually just an extremely stupid weird talking white guy

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A daughter of a holy man A creature of unholy desire The hunt is onThe Wall is than just a St Louis watering hole It’s Ryker’s refuge a place to escape the memory of the horrific events that made him a vampire Lately there’s a new face in the bar A woman he instantly marks as a demon hunter but oddly a hunter who never strikes first Something about her overcomes Ryker’s usual caution tempting him ever closer until retreat isn’t an option. I can't recommend this book highly enough From start to finish you are enraptured with Izzie and Ryker as well as how their pasts will effect their future This is not for the faint of heart There is than sex and vampires in this intriguing psychological paranormal romance There is drama and tension and a few situations that can make a person feel a little dirty But it is a MUST READ for me and hopefully others When you sit down you'll be able to see the thought Rosalie has put into crafting this novel and the artful way she has crafted a deeply moving story