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S brief but notorious career Abagnale donned a pilot's uniform and co piloted a Pan Am jet masueraded as a member of hospital management practised law without a licence passed himself off as a college sociology professor and cashed over 25 million in forged checks all before he was twenty one Known by the police of twenty six foreign countries and all fifty states One of the New York cops who’d worked hardest to catch me read the report and snorted “This head doctor’s gotta be kiddin‘ us” he scoffed “This phony rips off several hundred banks hustleshalf the hotels in the world for everything but the sheets screws every airline in the skies including most of their stewardesses passes enough bad checks to paper the walls of the Pentagon runs his own goddamned colleges and universities makes half the cops in twenty countries look like dumbasses while he’s stealing over 2 million and he has a low criminal threshold? What the hell would he have done if he’d had a high criminal threshold looted Fort Knox?”There is enchantment in a uniform especially one that marks the wearer as a person of rare skills courage or achievementA paratrooper’s wings tell of a special breed of soldier A submariner’s dolphin denotes theunusual sailor A policeman’s blue symbolizes authority A forest ranger’s raiment evokes wilderness lore Even a doorman’s gaudy garb stirs vague thoughts of pomp and royaltyI felt great in my Pan Am pilot’s uniform as I walked into La Guardia Airport I obviously wascommanding respect and esteem Men looked at me admiringly or enviously Pretty women and girls smiled at me Airport policemen nodded courteously Pilots and stewardesses smiled spoke to me or lifted a hand in greeting as they passed Every man woman and child who noticed me seemed warm and friendlyIt was heady stuff and I loved it In fact I became instantly addicted During the next five years the uniform was my alter ego I used it in the same manner a junkie shoots up on heroin Whenever I felt lonely depressed rejected or doubtful of my own worth I’d dress up in my pilot’s uniform and seek out a crowd The uniform bought me respect and dignity Without it on at times I felt useless and dejected With it on during such times I felt like I was wearing Fortunatus’ cap and walking inseven league boots

BOOK Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You CanAs 'The Skywayman' Abagnale lived a sumptuous life on the run until the law caught up with him Now recognised as the nation's leading authority on financial foul play Abagnale is a charming rogue whose hilarious stranger than fiction international escapades and ingenious escapes including one from an aeroplane make CATCH ME IF YOU CAN an irresistable tale of deceit 253 stars for the writing but a full fledged 5 stars for his confidence and skillFrank Abagnale must be one of the smartest criminals I've ever read about He's uick thinking and he does his research I really don't know how he got away with it for so long and it's pretty amazing I never have committed a crime and I hope I never have to but I have to tip my hat to this guyAbagnale has successfully scammed everyone from airlines hotels and banks to local prisons hookers and the FBI But this book really isn't all that special if you already saw the movie That's right the movie was betterI loved Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks in the two roles and kept picturing them for the characters in the book The book doesn't have anything than the movie and it isn't written very well either If you already saw the movie you can skip this one If you didn't see the movie just watch the movie Wow I never thought I would say thatYes I loved reliving all the conning from the movie but it just felt like I've heard it all before so I was uninterested I've watched a lot of movies before reading the book they originated from and I never felt this way before I wanted to enjoy this book much than I did and I even stuck with it all the way through despite being overly disappointedHonestly save yourself the time and just watch the movie You'll be far entertained

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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK Catch Me If You Can  ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Catch Me If You Can By Frank W. Abagnale ➺ – 'I stole every nickel and blew it on fine threads luxurious lodgings fantastic foxes and other sensual goodies I partied in every capital in Europe and basked on all the world's most famous beaches' F 'I sto'I stole every nickel and blew it on fine threads luxurious lodgings fantastic foxes and other sensual goodies I partied in every capital in Europe and basked on all the world's most famous beaches' Frank W Abagnale alias Frank Williams Robert Conrad Frank Adams and Ringo Monjo was one of the most daring con men forgers imposters and escape artists in history In hi Fascinating and unbelievable It amazes me that Frank Abagnale got away with all of his cons for as long as he did He is a man of sharp wit and unduly intelligence This is a story of white collar crime and lies Big fat whoppers If you've seen the movie Catch Me if You Can and have enjoyed it you will definitely enjoy this one This book is heavy on the entertainment and I have no problem with that A very uick easy read Although this is non fiction it reads like a modern day thriller Absolutely recommended