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Mr Warren's Profession Read × PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É [PDF / Epub] ★ Mr Warren's Profession Author Sebastian Nothwell – Lindsey Althorp the only son of a wealthy baronet has never worked a day in his life Aubrey Warren was born in a workhouse and hasn’t stopped working sinceWhen LinLindsey’s considerable charmBuoyed by Lindsey's optimism and fuelled by Aubrey's industry the two men strive to overcome the class gulf between them But a horrific accident reveals a betrayal that threatens to tear them apart forev. Good historical romance from a new author I didn't go in with very high expectations but I was pleasantly surprised by this book There are few books that actually have working class characters and present a realistic view of England during the industrial revolutionI liked the characters Lindsey is a bit clueless but what a dear and all in all it was a pretty solidly put together story A bit of streamlining wouldn't have gone amiss but I still highly recommend it for people who like historical romances

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Falls at first sight for the assistant clerk Aubrey Lindsey is certain that Aubrey is the Achilles to his Patroclus the David to his Jonathan Yet Aubrey unaccustomed to affection refuses to be a kept man though he isn’t immune to. 425 stars from me I really enjoyed the author's writing and most of the characters 😉 It looks as though US authors writing what would at first glance appear to be historical novels set in the UK seem to gaining in popularityunfortunately that isn't always a good thingbelieve me some of them are very Mills Boon and absolutely riddled with errors This story is not one of those howeverThe two MC's Aubrey and Lindsey meet in the office where Aubrey works which happens to be situated in the same Manchester mill Lindsey has just won in a card game I loved both MC's Aubrey was the poor workhouse boy who'd had to make his own way in the world doing some things that were deemed to be against the law just to keep himself fed and clothed; Lindsey was the very sheltered son of a member of the aristocracy who appeared to be trying to earn his father's approval for most things it seemed The story line includes skulduggery and blackmail and right up until nearly the end of the story I thought that the villain of the piece was going to get away with everythingI have to congratulate the author on this self pubbed effort and for doing a shit ton of research to put the story together digging up facts about textile mills workers rights workhouses gay brothels the telegraph boys involved in the Cleveland Street scandal and laws which made gross indecency a crime the Labouchere Amendment; bravo for putting all of that together into a very credible story line Sadly he then rather spoils things by letting silly little niggles creep into the story eg black walnut furniture in various residences is mentioned all of the time; however most of the furniture in the UK around that time 1890's would surely have been mahogany or oak not black walnut which I believe is native to the US and I'm or less certain that Aubrey couldn't have kept travelling down to London or Wiltshire by train from Manchesterhe simply wouldn't have been able to afford it wages being what they were at that time A few typos did manage to creep in and the usage of American words for UK eg prybar for crowbar were also a little strange and had the story been properly edited one would've expected a competent editor to pick these tiny errors upFor all that thanks to Tess for the original review which made me pick this up and I will be keeping an eye out for this author from now on

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Mr Warren's ProfessionLindsey Althorp the only son of a wealthy baronet has never worked a day in his life Aubrey Warren was born in a Mr Warren's ePUB #199 workhouse and hasn’t stopped working sinceWhen Lindsey wins a textile mill in a game of cards he. I really enjoyed this historical romance about a young man in Victorian England who worked his way up from the lowest poverty to a respectable clerkship only to have an infatuated sweet clueless nobleman threaten to both topple his life and infinitely enrich it Aubrey Warren is working as a clerk in a textile mill He's good at the job very diligent and used to covering for the other worthless clerk who's there riding on family ties Aubrey has done wonders rising from his birth to a workhouse pauper to this post and although he's not deeply happy he's uite content He's valued by his supervisor and can afford a small clean if not comfortable lodging room His preference for men and a past in which that sometimes brought him money are locked carefully away where they can't damage this precious respectability he has eked out at last Then wealthy nobleman Lindsey Althorp wins the mill in a card game and shows up to inspect his winnings From the moment Lindsey sees Aubrey at his desk ebony haired and small and stunningly handsome he's deeply smitten In fact Lindsey's life is changed because suddenly for the first time he's aware of true desire for someone and that his desire is for a man and probably always has been Lindsey's a sweet honest simple soul and although he knows that being an invert is a risky thing to be kept secret and hidden he hasn't thought about it before and now in the first heat of first passion he can't make himself be properly restrained His desire to see Aubrey and talk to him and spend time with him drives every moment and he rushes in indiscreetlyAubrey definitely knows that spending time with Lindsey is a big risk He's very well aware of what can happen to men like them even noblemen But the sunshine of Lindsey's regard is hard to resist and Lindsey's wild delight feels cruel to repress Aubrey finds himself trying to walk a line between rejecting the best thing that has ever happened to him and walking a path toward disaster This story was sweet and sometimes emotional and the historical context was fun A lot of historical details appeared that were unfamiliar to me and clearly well researched like the Cleveland Street scandal The writing style appealed to me a lot and the secondary characters were distinct personalities including strong female characters The resolution was perhaps a bit neat with acceptance from characters than one might envision for the time and place But in all this was a lovely addition to historical MM stories and I immediately picked up the short follow up novella