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Free read Þ Science as a Contact Sport ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ñ [Epub] ➜ Science as a Contact Sport ➡ Stephen H. Schneider – It’s been nearly four decades since scientists first realized that global warming posed a potential threat to our planet Why if we kneIt’s been nearly four decades a Contact PDFEPUB #191 since scientists first realized that global warming posed a potential threat to our planet Why if we knew of the threats way back in the Carter Administration can’t we act decisively to limit greenhouse gases deforestation and catastrophic warming trends Why are we still addicted to fossil fuels Have we all just been fiddling for years as the world burns around usS. The story Schneider describes is probably on of the most important stories of our era the story of how climate scientists first figured out there was something wrong and how climate science evolved to understand what The tale is certainly never dry or boring and if Schneider's self confessed conceitedness gets irritating after a while his insistence on acknowledging his opinions makes the book readable not less Unsurprisingly Schneider believes scientists should express their views arguing in one of the most compelling parts of the book that objectivity emerges from a meeting of perspectives not individuals purging biases or denying their existenceThe book flits through various topics while focusing on a couple of main themes the destructiveness of a soundbite culture and the complexity of climate science among them The lack of detail on such key topics as the science itself the difficulties in forming the IPCC and the failure of anyone other than Schneider to emerge with any personality hold the book back from being as great a read as i was hoping for But it remains thought provoking enough Reading the book I kept thinking of the analogy of a group of physicists watching a motorcyclist speeding towards a low wall It is very hard to predict where the motorcyclist will end up after hitting the wall but not hard to predict that it will be a significant negative impact Only different because climate change doesn't constitute a specific event naturallyThe most depressing part of the book is its optimism Writing in 2009 Schneider is convinced the battle for public opinion is won for now His tragic death freezes that optimism in time I only hope that coming years do not find it misplaced

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Chneider part of the Nobel Science as Kindle Prize–winning team that shared the accolade with Al Gore in had a front row seat at this unfolding environmental meltdown Piecing together events like a detective story Schneider reveals that as expert consensus grew well informed activists warned of dangerous changes no one knew how to predict precisely and special interests seized on that very uncertainty to block any ef. Unlike other books I've read about Global Warming Anthropogenic Climate Change or whatever else you want to call it this book is about the history of climatology and its impact or lack thereof on public policy The writer is one of the Founding Fathers of modern climatology along with James Hansen and Michael Mann Surprisingly his explanations of climate modeling aren't very clear That's the weak link in this book along with the fact that it ends early in Obama's first term when Obama had a Democratic Congress and there was reason for optimism about science The strong points are that he takes us from the earliest debates of climatology greenhouse warming vs aerosol cooling through Nuclear Winter the Ozone Hole and ultimately the IPCC If anyone thinks that the IPCC reports are some kind of global conspiracy of One World Government types this book should clear up that misconception once and for all as well as Trump's ridiculous assertion that Global Warming is a Chinese plot The IPCC is a messy contentious deliberative body that finds everyone fighting with everyone but mostly the government policy makers fighting with the scientists Recommended reading for all my science geek friends

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Science as a Contact SportFective response He persuasively outlines a plan to avert the building threat and develop as a Contact ePUB #180 a positive practical policy that will bring climate change back under our control help the economy with a new generation of green energy jobs and productivity and reduce the dependence on unreliable exporters of oil and thus ensure a future for ourselves and our planet that’s as rich with promise as our past. Excellent summary of the history of climate science Dr Schneider does a great job of laying out all the arguments the fossil fuel industry has thrown up against climate change and then proving why all those arguments are false He does a good job of impressing the urgency of the issue upon the reader without sounding like most overzealous environmental activists He also lays out a realistic plan for the direction he thinks climate policy should go Also not a super technical book so it's easy for the general public to comprehend