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Catherine McCall's childhood seemed postcard perfect With well to do cosmopolitan parents a private education and two baby grand pianos she had everythi I was fortunate to receive a copy of this book through Good Reads in exchange for my honest reviewMs McCall's memoir unflinchingly looks back at her horrific childhood which was filled with sexual emotional and physical abuse The descriptions of the rape by her father alcoholic bipolar with no empathy is his official diagnosis are absolutely heartbreaking and nauseating I read much of this book through tears What makes this book completely remarkable is that it isn't just a rehashing of family tragedies instead there is beautifully written reflective prose that truly illuminates what it is like to live in a household filled with these horrors The confusion the fear how it affects her siblings and her mother Integral to the author's healing are the relationships with her husband her childhood sweetheart and her wonderful therapist who help her navigate the minefield after her repressed abuse memories resurface She bravely discusses how her adult sex life is crippled as the abuse comes to light and how she battles her own body to come back to herselfThe book also touches on griefdying AIDS dementia issues of faith cancer this woman has survived it all and learned to thrive through her own volition and strength The journey to healing is a beautiful and rewarding experience for the reader and this book provides hope to anyone that is a survivor of abuse and desperately wants to reclaim their own power I think Mental Health professionals should read this book as well as it provides excellent insight into dysfunctional family dynamics also

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Never TellNg a girl could ever want But as an adult McCall began to remember terrible things revealing that the idyllic childhood she had on paper was nothing tha A now adult's memoir on her childhood where she was sexually abused by her Father Both of her parents were alcoholics This is how she overcame her childhood and how the abuse had reflected well into her adult years her own children her siblings; one in which received AIDS due to abuse An interesting read indeed

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eBook ↠ ePub Never Tell é ☆ gwairsoft ´ ❮Read❯ ➭ Never Tell Author Catherine McCall – Gwairsoft.co.uk Catherine McCall's childhood seemed postcard perfect With well to do cosmopolitan parents a private education and two baby grand pianos she had everything a girl could ever want But as an adN a facade hiding her father's terrible secrets Never Tell provides a lucid gripping narrative on the survival and healing from childhood sexual assault Book was really draggy Was really bored and forcing myself to read on by chapter 5 and eventually gave up by chapter 7 I read a fair amount of abuse books and this was really draggy it kept reiterating the point that her mother was delusional of her dad and his abuse The synopsis of the book was really interesting though so I am sure the book is but I did not manage to get to the interesting parts Just isn't for me I guess