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Ransom By Lois DuncThe lives of five captives hang in the balance while their families gather the ransomTwo brothers their family frant A realistic and truly rather frightening tale about a group students who are kidnapped on their way home from school by a fake school bus driver who had killed the regular bus driver in cold blood in order to take his place at the wheel when I read Lois Duncan's Five Were Missing in grade eight I was actually a bit afraid of taking the school bus for a couple of weeks not that I mentioned anything to my parents as that would have likely resulted in them attempting to censor my reading choices which was neither desirable nor even an option for me And please note that when I claim that Five Were Missing is realistic it was definitely this when it was first published in 1966 and when I read the book in the early 80s Nowadays it would than likely be much difficult for the kidnappers to have succeeded with actually hijacking a school bus but in the 1960s and the early 1980s there really was no way for the kidnapped children to attempt to contact their parents when they realised that something was not uite comme il faut with regard to their trip home from school as cell phones iPads and the like were of course not as yet available Narrationally and thematically speaking and for a rather short novel Lois Duncan has in my opinion created not only a believable at times rather massively intense and suspenseful plot line especially the five kidnapped teenagers are surprisingly nuanced and realistically conceptualised and Five Were Missing is thus not simply a standardly mundane thriller as seriously problematic issues such as drunk driving bullying and lasting physical challenges due to most likely a bout with polio are presented with both compassion and an appreciated lack of moralising judgment Recommended for teenagers above the age of twelve or so but with the necessary caveat that Five Were Missing indeed does paint a rather intense scenario as it certainly frightened me as a teenaged readerNow finally it appears that in 2012 Five Were Missing was republished and updated I think under the title of Ransom with references to cell phones text messages and such and if these references have simply been superimposed onto the original dialogue and scenarios without other textual and thematic changes which is what often if not what usually happens I would strongly no I would actually very strongly suggest NOT reading the 2012 edition and if interested read the original 1966 version instead for while it is seemingly out of print it is nevertheless still uite readily and cost effectively available used And uite frankly I do oh so much tend to vehemently DESPISE these types of updates and think they are generally both unnecessary and in many ways rather an almost unforgivable insult to today's children and teenagers as though they could not appreciate a book written in the 60s as though they could not and would not be aware of the fact that technology has indeed changed much since the 60s

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EPUB ´ MOBI Ransom By Lois Duncan ò 9780440972921 FREE á LOIS DUNCAN æ [KINDLE] ❀ Ransom By Lois Duncan – Gwairsoft.co.uk The lives of five captives hang in the balance while their families gather the ransomTwo brothers their family frantic to find their sons A loner whose uncAble to raise enough money And a cheerleader who can’t count on her stepdad but knows her father will come throug Originally titled Five Were Missing I thought it was ok when I read it as a teen

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Ic to find their sons A loner whose uncle doesn’t even know he’s missing An Army brat whose family will never be Ransom by Lois Duncan is a realistic fiction book The setting of this novel is a cabin in the mountains in Albuuerue New Mexico in the 60s The kids were kidnapped by a supposed substitute bus driver The kids who were kidnapped were Marianne Jesse the one who wouldn't accept their situation well Glenn captain of the football team Dexter the loner and Bruce Glenn's younger brother and shadow The kidnappers hold the kids against their will until their parents pay 15000 dollars each for ransom I think the overall book could have been better The beginning was decent but the kidnapping itself seemed a bit sudden to me The middle was probably the best part The suspense started to build up and they started to make plans The ending was terrible It all went fast so it felt like the author rushed a bit I kind of wish it didn't have such a stereotypical happy ending Overall I didn't really like the book and I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone