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Read à E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ì Fred Gipson Brother are kidnapped by an Indian raiding party and Savage Sam the son of the beloved yellow dog leads a frantic chase to bring them ba. Savage Sam This book was just amazing because Arles and Travis were funny Arles would get rock would get rocks and try to hit Travis with them This book was good but it was for like 8th graders but I still liked it One of the things that kept me reading this book was that Arles and Travis got kidnapped bye Indians and they were trying to take them to Mexico and then they were going to sell them to the Mexicans for slaves but then the Calvary came and shot all the Indians and took the kids back to there home And then they stayed with them until there uncle came home to them Some of the emotions that this book gave me was sad at the beginning because there parents never came back home from their trip so they thought that they were dead So they worked on the farm all bye there self until there uncle came along on his horse and found out that there parents were gone But some of the good emotions was that they were saved from the Indians And when they got home they went into there little house and had a big dinner because they were done for three days with just a little food to eat What made this book so good was that Arles was the funny one he would chance a bobcats on his horse and then he started poking it with a stick My favorite character in this book was Arles he talked so much and when they got caught be the Indian all he wanted to fight them because he did not want to go to Mexico with them When Calvary got the kids back Arles got a rock and hit the Indian in the head with it and knocked him out with it The author wrote this book because he new that people would read it because there is lots of people out there that would read it The part that had captivated my attention was the part that they got caught by the Indians If this book was maid into a movie I would want Dan Cook to plat Arles he is so funny so I think that It would make a good macth

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Savage Sam Free download Ä 109 ä ❰Read❯ ➭ Savage Sam Author Fred Gipson – What Mr Gipson has written is the story of a grim situation a desperate chased filled with brutality and heroism yet he has written it with a sense of young wonder and even at time with humor –New Y What Mr Gipson has written is the What Mr Gipson has written is the story of a grim situation a desperate chased filled with brutality and heroism yet he has written it w. Title Savage SamSeries Old Yeller #2by Fred Gipsonpages 151Genre childrenbook synopsisThe son of Old Yeller helps his owners escape from the Apaches in the East Texas territory of the 1870s My ThoughtsRating 5 This was a re read it and I'm so glad I have it again to re read over and over again its one of my all time favorite books as well as movie from beginning to the very last page it will have you laughing your head off it's about a boy and his dog all the shenanigans they get in to and the love a dog has for his boy and that dog will take on any thing for his beloved boy because in Savage Sam's case you never hurt his boy ever Its about family and friends as well Its the perfect read for anyone no matter the age

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Savage SamIth a sense of young wonder and even at time with humor –New York Times Book ReviewIn this seuel to Old Yeller Travis and his younger. 5 stars 510 hearts Talk about starting with a bang My word By chapter two you are ridden straight into a band of Apache—or rather the Apaches ride straight into you The excitement in this book is pretty high even if I already “knew” how the story would be by the Disney version It was hard to read sometimes Gibson doesn’t whitewash the hardships of being an Indian captive nor the habits of the Apaches Travis is tortured and spends 910s of the book in pain though not all from the torture—also from sunburn etc There’s a handful of mentions that the Apaches strip Travis his little brother There are a few somewhat disgusting remarks about the Apaches’ eating habits And there is the fact that Arliss bites off an Apache’s ear and then accidentally swallows it Personally these things didn’t bother me too much I’ve read a lot of books about Indians their captives Still I wouldn’t mind whiting out a few of these things or skipping over them Mostly I was impressed and awed by the dedication strength and courage of Travis the men who were chasing the Apaches And then the Comanche I loved the Comanche He was realistic but he was good and I do so hope he got away As Travis said he was all man Goche Ear was both hilarious and annoying—and speaking of him I really appreciated all the dry sarcastic humour that filled these pages It kept things from getting to be too much Overall I deeply appreciated and enjoyed this book It made me think; and it made me feel Recommended ages 14 unless edited A Favourite uote “How that tall Comanche could hold to my foot and keep pace with the rawboned bay I rode I’ll never know But he did it crashing though or ducking under the taller brush leaping lightly over the clumps of prickly pear and tasajillo never once faltering never once dragging at my foot never once really breaking his stride which was as long reaching and smooth flowing as that of a running cat “I could ride there beside him and hate him I could tell myself that I hoped he bled to death before sundown But watching him run like he did I couldn’t help marvelling He might be a cruel merciless savage but he was all man” A Favourite Beautiful uote “We topped out a high rocky cedar covered ridge and went plunging down a long slant toward the Llano River In the fading light the water looked like gold running between red rock banks When we got closer the gold greyed to silver” A Favourite Humorous uote “I grabbed and held Arliss' rock hand and yelled at him to behave himself while he screamed at me to turn him loose And we were still down on our hands and knees scrambling around when Sam and the big bobcat came waltzing out into the open all wrapped up in each other's arms “I was yelling and Arliss was yelling and Lisbeth was screaming and the horses were shying around whistling and snorting and popping the rocks with their ironshod hoofs so that altogether it was a right noisy and exciting fight”