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Scorched Struck #4 Free read ☆ 108 É ✷ [BOOKS] ✫ Scorched Struck #4 By Joss Stirling ❁ – Love is a fire But who will get burnedEmber Lord is facing charges for the murder of her father She was found at the scene of the crime holding the murder weapon and refuses to explain herselfJoe Mast Love is a fiLove is a fire But who will get burnedEmber Lord is facing charges for the murder of her father She was found at the scene of the crime holding the murder weapon and refuses to explain herselfJoe Masters is tasked with getting under Ember's skin and breaking through her stony facade. I feel like I am always one of the first people to read Joss Stirlings new books and I have no idea how because I love them so much and anticipant them so much This was such a wonderful end to the series but I am so sad that the series is now finished but happy it finished with my favourite guy Joe I loved how this book explored putting up emotional blocks protecting yourself and living with a rough past Ember was so lovable and honestly I want to become her best friend and teach her the world can be good Now we need new series' by Joss now that the Savant and YDA series are done MORE MORE MORE Please

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Eally falling for a cold hearted killer Or is there to the murder than meets the eyeThe incredible final instalment of Joss Stirling's Young Detective Agency series a companion novel to Stung Shaken and the award winning Struck Romantic thrillers that will make your heart skip a beat. Amazing i was so excited for this book to come out but now that Joss Stirling has finally completed the last book of her last series i am so proudAs the rest of the books it is written amazingly well a light book that can be read in a day I am in love with it i am so proud of the turn out the book has a page turner story and amazing language The structure and the vocabulary is both complex and developed but they also make the story flowI recommend it to anyone who love adventure and a bit of a love story

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Scorched Struck #4To gain her trust and find out Scorched Struck MOBI #234 what her plans are now her father's legally uestionable business is under her controlBut as the two get closer Joe begins to break down the wall that Ember has built around herself and gets a glimpse of the truth behind Is he r. Ember Lord is in prison Accused of murdering her father she doesn’t know if she truly committed the crime But while she is unsure the YDA is tasked with finding outMany well known members of the YDA have intertwining stories in the conclusion to this much loved series; their love stories continue and another is created with the long awaited book belonging to JoeHaving read a lot of Stirling’s work before and really enjoyed it I was expecting this book like all of her other work to have an exciting plot line and instantly relatable characters The first three books in the series were all extremely engaging and left me thinking about them for days afterwards I was just holding out for a book for Joe Masters who is a cute and fluffy cinnamon rollHowever I was sadly disappointed in this book The plot line was just not as gripping as many of Stirling’s other works with a much slower pace and the characters were far less relatable; the protagonist Ember Lord was actually erring on the side of unlikeable She is understandably united to forming such relationships but she just is not right for my JoeHaving said this the book itself was not bad; the plot lines from all of the other stories were tied up nicely in the ending and the events did eventually become exciting I really enjoyed the cameo appearances from Damien and Rose and seeing Kate and Raven work together on a case was just beautiful I did like the book for a uick read but it wasn't my favourite book of all time