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MOBI â DOC The Allure of Julian Lefray The Allure #1 9781514673614 ó R.S. GREY ó ❴Read❵ ➲ The Allure of Julian Lefray The Allure #1 Author R.S. Grey – From JosephineKellerLLDesignscomTo LilyNBlackgmailcomSubject Justin Timberlake NudesLily you prediT’s the problem?Google him Now He’s the man in the fitted navy suit whose face reminds you that there’s hope yet for this cruel ugly world Keep scrollingDo you see those dimples? Yup That’s the Julian Lefray I will be reporting to tomorrow morningLord help us allXO 35 STARS ★★★☆ Do you see those dimples? Yup That’s the Julian Lefray I will be reporting to tomorrow morning The one thing that I can expect when I pick up a RS Grey book is that I'll find myself reading something fun and hilarious with a dose of sweet romance This one was no exception here and as I was flipping through the pages I found myself chuckling at this author's witty humorous writing Josephine is a small town Texan girl with a big dream who runs a fashion blog called What Jo Wore Moving to New York where she was about to attend a huge fashion event that could bring her closer to achieving her dreams her stroke of good luck came in the form of one Mr Julian Lefray whom she bumped into that evening Julian happens to be looking for someone to help him run his sister's fashion design company and being intrigued by Jo's character he eventually interviews her and so the fun begins I really enjoyed how this read was fun and light hearted completely drama free and had characters all over the place that had me laughing over the things they say Jo was a wonderful heroine and very relatable without even trying too hard I loved that she was willing to fight for her dreams even when her family didn't believe in her but her optimism and creative ideas really pulled her through Most of all her inner monologues had me cackling far too many times First I needed a joke to break the tension between us Why’d the chicken cross the hard body of Julian Lefray? To get laid Which came first? The chicken or me? Shit I was in trouble if I couldn’t think of a non Julian related sex joke Julian also came as a surprise to me he wasn't the typical rich charming manwhore type He couldn't deny the attraction he had for Jo but he was patiently sweet and fighting the blue balls when he's in close proximity with her The flirtatious banters were just tethering the edge of an explosive chemistry You can already imagine the sexual tension that was begging to be resolved and when it finally did boy did it explode The continuous tease of having to be around him the last few weeks had built up the desire in my veins Each day the passion had built with no outlet for escape Overall I would recommend this if you're looking for a uick read that is fun sexy and hilariously entertaining The read did however fell short for me as I found myself expecting a little from the overall storyline Perhaps I was hoping for some angst but this book being its light hearted nature did serve its purpose which provided me a good laugh and kept me entertained But it was just one of those reads that would not have a lasting impression on me Definitely looking forward to a spinoff book that features both of the MCs close friends Lily and Dean I think that'll be an eually fun one to read The Allure of Julian Lefray is a standalone contemporary romance read ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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News to shareI GOT A JOBAs of tomorrow I’ll be the new executive assistant at Lorena Lefray Designs I am SO excited but there’s one itty bitty problem I won’t be Lorena’s assistant I’ll be working for her older brother JulianI know what you're thinking But Jo wha ✻This is not a reviewThis is the raving of a fangirl✻ Ohmygodthis book was fan fucking tasticA sweetfunnysexy read that left me grinning like an idiot “Ignore the talldarkand handsome vibeBook boyfriends exist for a reason” Julian Lefray exists for a reasonTo melt your insides into goo and destroy your chances at finding MrPerfectI don't mindI'd take Julian any dayJosephine left her small Texas town and her overprotective parents and moved to New York chasing her dream;to make a name for herself in fashion industryShe was a popular blogger but that didn't pay her debtsso she took the job of Executive Assistant at Lorena Lefray DesignsOnly she didn't work for Lorena but for her pantdroppingly handsome brother JulianThere was insta attractionbut Jo wasn't willing to jeopardize her position and prove to her parents that New York isn't a place for good country girlsso she tried to resist Julian's advancesFor a while “The morning light played up his hazel eyes and for a moment I was caught in his allureThe dark browsthe dark hairthe tan skinA weaker woman would have thrown herself at him a long time ago” Excuse me while I fan myself and try to think of something else besides how devastatingly sexy Julian isPhewI swear if I ever encountered his dimpled smile I would giggle maniacally and I'd ungracefully swoon “One wordIjustgotpregnant” OkokI'm getting seriousRS Grey's writing is really compellingshe wrote a story that could be easily turned into a Hollywood movieThe Allure of Julian Lefray is a book that combines romancesassinessfunny incidents and a healthy dose of steama light read with not off the charts dramaa perfect romantic comedyI laughed and enjoyed the banters and flirtations between Jo and Julian so muchthey were both fantasticJo is a feisty heroine with a humorous attitude towards lifeyou may think she is shallow because of her obsession with fashion but she is far from itIn fact she is a good natureddetermined girl who tries to balance her life and achieve her goals and falls in love with her bossI already expressed rather enthusiastically my feelings towards Julianbut I need to point out that he is that meets the eyeHe is a sweet and loyal brothera successful businessman and although he understood Jo's reservationshe fell head over heels for her and that made him adorableIf you haven't read it yetgo for itYou're welcome

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The Allure of Julian Lefray The Allure #1From JosephineKellerLLDesignscomTo LilyNBlackgmailcomSubject Justin Timberlake NudesLily you predictable perv I knew you’d open this email faster if I tempted you with a glimpse of JT's “PP” Well put your pants back on and grab some bubbly because I have much better 4 StarsI love this author Besides her flawless engaging writing what I love the most is her ability to create unputdownable stories that sucks me from the very beginning from one reason or another My first thought after I finished this first book in the series was – What the hell I waited so long to read this one? Needless to say if you have it in your TBR pile read it ASAP because it’s totally worthy it if not don’t hesitate and add it I guarantee you won’t regret it 'The Allure of Julian Lefray' was such a feel good story Funny as hell and sexy as fuck this was a very entertaining delightful read I honestly couldn’t put it down and I enjoyed every minute of it “Ignore the tall dark and handsome vibe Book boyfriends exist for a reason” Josephine ‘Jo’ Keller is a young woman who dreams big She recently moved from her small town in Texas to New York to pursue a career in fashion Her fashion blog is her little baby and she is than proud of it having enough followers to be pleased and also determined to become someone in the fashion industry While her parents are than skeptical regarding her career choice Jo intents to prove everyone than she can make it in the big city Invited to a fashion event she comes face to face with Julian Lefray the older brother of Lorena Lefray owner of Lorena Lefray Designs the woman Jo just submitted her resume for the executive assistant position “He reached forward and gripped my arm just above my elbow as he leaned in to kiss my cheek JESUS CHRIST He smelled divine like he’d spent the morning in the woods building me a log cabin I hated him” While Lorena is in rehab Julian has taken over her duties He is good looking and successful achieving uite a lot in his 31 years old He likes Jo from the moment they meet he is drawn to her beauty exuberance and wittiness and without thinking about it too long he hires her to work for him Jo is than attracted with Julian but in order to work with him she has to control herself She tries to remember all the reason she moved to NY trying really hard to forget about her new boss’s dimples or abs but it’s so hard to do that when your boss looks like a sex God First I needed a joke to break the tension between us Why’d the chicken cross the hard body of Julian Lefray? To get laid Which came first? The chicken or me? Shit I was in trouble if I couldn’t think of a non Julian related sex joke I loved this one Not only because it was so entertaining but also many aspects were so well done and refreshing I loved our heroine Jo was my kind of heroine smart strong determined witty and so very endearing I loved the way she believed in herself and the fact that she was not afraid to go after what she desperately wanted Every aspect of her character was relatable to me and I have to say I enjoyed her personality immensely I had a blast being in her and I really loved reading her blog posts She was a well portrayed character I think everyone will find her adorable and delightful “He didn’t even know the effect those dimples had on my girly parts One word Ijustgotpregnant Yeah that’s one word” Julian was a fantastic hero from the beginning until the end I’m sure he’ll make you swoon from the moment he is introduced I loved his character and I loved the fact that he was not what I had expected after reading the blurb He was not a cocky bastard he was not arrogant and important he was not a manwhore Instead he was just a wonderful hero who won me over from the start I loved how loyal sweet and protective he was towards his sister Sex on a stick Julian’s portrayal will leave you wanting with each and every chapter He will make you swoon and smile and he will warm your heart with his sweet and sexy lines “He wrapped his arms around my biceps and held me against him His tongue slipped into my mouth and I moaned pressing even closer to him I could feel his heart beating in time with mine This was it” I have to mention the awesome banter between these two characters I simply loved it It made me grin like a lunatic and these two kept me entertained the entire time with their sweet and funny as hell interactions and with their great palpable chemistryIf you’re looking for a fun and sexy read don’t hesitate and pick this one up 'The Allure of Julian Lefray' was a fantastic angst and drama free read with two endearing main characters engaging side characters and plenty of sweet and funny times