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The Baby GroupA heart warming novel about six very different parents with six very different lives from the author of The Memory Book Meet The Baby Group Natalie ran her own design company until baby Freddie unexpectedly came along Now the capable person she once was is trapped inside a crazy woman's body longing for just one decent night's sleep and words of than one syllable Meg is onto her fourth child but Reminiscent of characters in the “Shopaholic” series Rowan Coleman’s “Mommy by Mistake” follows the adventures of a thirty something woman as she embarks on child rearing – unexpectedlyWhen Natalie Curzon impulsively connects with a charming man – Jack Newhouse – and agrees to a weekend in Venice she has no idea of the conseuences that will unfold After the weekend is over she hopes to see him again But he doesn’t call And then she discovers she is pregnantFortunately she is part owner of a successful lingerie business and has a lovely house of her own Despite these blessings however she finds herself sinking into despair during the initial few weeks after her son’s birth; she has decided by then that she will never see or hear from Jack again And this new adventure is difficult than she expectedThen her life begins to change again when her home’s electrical system needs revamping and through her new electrician she meets a whole series of new people – some of them other mothers – and a sisterhood connection developsBut a seemingly harmless fabrication followed by her embarrassingly flawed mother’s unexpected visit and the surprising reunion with her “baby daddy” – all will turn everything around Will she rebuild her relationship with her mother Will she be able to tell Jack about her baby Freddie And when will she be able to confess her cover story to her new friendsThis is a light hearted book about serious topics Just when it seems depressing the humor of the characters and the situations in which they find themselves creates a warm and funny tale of the unexpected twists and turns of life and new parenthoodI deducted one star for the predictability of the plot Nevertheless I found it an enjoyable read

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The Baby Group kindle ↠ eBook 9780099492542 ✓ gwairsoft Ý ❮PDF❯ ✍ The Baby Group Author Rowan Coleman – A heart warming novel about six very different parents with six very different lives from the author of The Memory Book Meet The Baby Group Natalie ran her own desStill feels she has to take notes Meg's sister in law Frances organises her little boy like he's a private in the army The Baby PDF or but underneath her prickly façade she longs for the kind of friendships others seem to find so easy Former career girl Jess sees danger lurking in every corner doubting she'll ever be a good mother Stay at home house husband Steve is just glad to have the opportu Although this book was pretty good and I did enjoy it I felt that the ending was much too abrupt I did not really expect the ending but it did not feel like it was supposed to be a surprise just that it was not well prepared throughout the rest of the book

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Nity to spend time with his daughter And sixteen year old Tiffany is the youngest yet possibly the wisest of them allSix very different parents Six very different lives But when Natalie's dodgy wiring leads to a series of chance encounters they rapidly discover through Baby Music Baby Aerobics coffee and importantly cake that there's safety in numbers And their own unofficial baby group is formed This one was not uite as good as the other Rowan Coleman books I read