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DOC ¾ READER The Blind Side of Love FREE ´ ❰Reading❯ ➿ The Blind Side of Love Author Ingrid Díaz – A second draft of a not yet published romance novel The Blind Side of Love about love between an artist Kristina Milano 21 and a famous actress Julianne Franui 25Julianne Franui is a hot actress and A hot actress and secretly gay On a trip to New York she sees the artwork of artist Kris Milano whose talent is not the only thing she's attracted to Undercover of email she begins Where has this author been all my life? And why did I wait so long to read this book? And why has it not been published? It is completely and utterly UNFATHOMABLE to me Truly wtf?? This book is officially THE BEST LESFIC ROMANCE BOOK OF ALL TIME Yesyes it is This is not my opinion it is a fact And if you do not agree then you are wrong I'm kidding of course but yea I am still right This is one of those rare books where you look for excuses to never stop readingI don't really need to go to bed today or tomorrow or the next dayI don't really need to go to work todayI don't really need to shower todayI don't really need to feed my family todayThere is nothing I love than finishing a wonderfully written book and then following that up with reading a wonderfully written review So read all the Goodreads reviews they are all spot on but hone in on Jenna's review I'm always amazed by reviewers who could and should be writers themselves and she's one of them I could never in a million years give this book the review it deserves hence my pointing to reviewer Jenna Anyone who has not read this book and loves lesfic romance or any romance for that matter please read this book It's just so darn lovely and so so so well written As Jenna wrote billions and billions of stars

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A second draft of a not yet published romance novel The Blind Side of Love about love between an artist Kristina Milano 21 and a famous actress Julianne Franui 25Julianne Franui is I don't think it gets much better than this in terms of lesbian romance I'm in that bittersweet moment right after finishing a story that you absolutely adored Where the reality of your boring existence strikes you even harder than before because well you've just read an incredibly romantic story about happiness and it's hard to realise it's just fiction I miss it already I miss the main characters I completely fell in love with I miss the extremely entertaining plot I miss the hilarious dialogues I miss the feeling of envy I always get when reading of true loveI read it in two days I stayed up yesterday until 6am literally because I just couldn't get enough I'm running on 4 hours of sleep and I don't feel tired AT ALL because The Blind Side of Love kept me excited all day This book gets you hooked from the very beginning Its length only enables the reader to get immersed in it to get to know the characters' personalities to such great extent that you end up feeling like they're part of your world as well to finish each chapter with a desire to know MORE MORE MOREGod I might suck at writing book reviews Because I usually write them with my guts with all the passion I can muster after reading a book that touched me Well these are my guts on the tableI am in love with Julia nne I am in love with Kris I want Leigh as my best friend and I want to be in love and kiss the most gorgeous movie star and the sweetest artist on the planet Read it if you love intelligent witty beautiful perfectly flawed women falling in love with each other incredible writing that flows great secondary characters entertaining and original plots sweet fluffy but not cheesy scenes very realistic approaches to life and feelings stories about a love that feels real and true and unstoppable

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The Blind Side of LoveA correspondence with the artist When she comes to New York for filming and finally meets her will she tell Kris the truth all of it?Themes Romance lesbian Length approx 195000 word Impressive second draft of a beautiful love story Some editing still reuired and while I love the in depth peek into the lives of these characters I kept thinking the book needs some belt tightening Reduce a few extraneous scenesdialogue and increase the pace just a bit and K J will still be as memorable a couple as Dar and Kerry I'm not generally a celebrity junkie but I really enjoyed the glamour and lifestyle of the rich and famous actress It was fun to escape the earnest every day and see the life of celebs through the eyes of Kris Escapist fare at its best Well done