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Tyhen is born The Prophecy MOBI #243 into an ancient Mayan world She is the daughter of The Windwalker and is destined to change the fate of the Native American race Yuma is a man from the future thrust into the past From the moment Tyhen was born Yuma knew they were soul mates bound to each other across land and time Tyhen and The Dove EpubYuma take on life changing roles Yuma a warrior and protector who watches over Tyhen becomes the Eagle Tyhen acts as the Dove of peace swift and pure in her pursuit of harmony With a ancient prophecy predicting doom Yuma and Tyhen must journey from their home to the north making the long journey to unite the Na. The second book in The Prophecy series by Dinah McCallSharon Sala About 15 years after the first book ends Tyhen Singing bird and The Windwalker's daughter is 15 and danger arrives The signs start to indicate that her journey would be starting soon Yuma a boy from the future is now a young man Not much romance since both parties already knew they belonged to each other The story seem to focus on getting ready for the journey and the journey itself and all the natural disasters that came suddenly Went back and forth from the two groups Tyhen and Yuma's group and then Cayetano and Singing Bird's groupI liked the concept to a degree The idea that history could be changed is intriguing I'm not sure that it really worked all that well for me though I was getting tired of all the disasters they faced and all the people lost Then it ended Not a cliffhanger exactly but the story wasn't finished I will try to read the third book eventually but I am taking a break for the moment

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The Dove The Prophecy #2Tive American tribes once Dove The Prophecy Kindle #212 With the future of their culture at stake the Dove and Eagle must risk their lives to bring balance to the world and restore peace First published in The Dove is the second book in the Prophecy Trilogy and was originally written by Sharon Sala under her pen name Dinah McCall This epic and uniue trilogy is a fan favorite for lovers of paranormal romance and promises an addictive read Join Sharon Sala as she changes the fate of the Native American people in this suspenseful and fast paced series ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sharon Sala aka Dinah McCall is a long time member of RWA and OKRWA She has plus bo. So thus is book 2 in the Prophecy Series fir Sharon Sala and in this one we see the daughter if the Windwalker and Layla Birdsong take her own journey to save the tribes of the first nation Tyhen The Dove is to help unite the people all the people of all tribes so thst they can learn to work together to define a different future A future in which the tribes work together as a united front against the invaders from across the sea At her side is Yuma her companion the Eagle that protects the dove and the twins Adam and Evan who foresee the future that they have yet to makeThis was a great continuation of the series and one that demonstrates resiliency of a people who which to make amends for mistakes made by the ancestors in order to survive in the future

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Read & Download The Dove The Prophecy #2 Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Dove The Prophecy #2 Author Sharon Sala – Tyhen is born into an ancient Mayan world She is the daughter of The Windwalker and is destined to change the fate of the Native American race Yuma is a man fOks in print published in five different genres romance young adult western fiction and women's fiction First published in she's an eight time RITA finalist winner of the Janet Dailey Award four time Career Achievement winner from RT Magazine five time winner of the National Reader's Choice Award and five time winner of the Colorado Romance Writer's Award of Excellence winner of the Heart of Excellence Award as well as winner of the Booksellers Best Award In she was named RWA's recipient of the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award Her books are New York Times USA Today Publisher's Weekly bestsellers Writing changed her life her world and her fa. The DoveSharon Sala is a very good writer Her characters are very real and her writing keeps you entertained and wanting to read you don't want the story to end A few of the Indian tribes are coming together for a large gathering They come from different areas of the land to finally meet the windbreaker little Dove I'm ready to start reading the third book in the seriesI'm really looking forward to find out what happens