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Tumbling Blocks Review · 2 Ç ❰Ebook❯ ➥ Tumbling Blocks Author Earlene Fowler – Gwairsoft.co.uk With Christmas just a few weeks away Benni's ueenly boss Constance Sinclair demands that she investigate the death of a local socialite It's not long before Benni recognizes that there may be some dea With Christmas just a few weeks Hat there may be some deadly truth to Constance's suspicions But with a famously reclusive artist about to put Benni's uilting museum on the map and her daunting mother in law. Earlene Fowler seems like a supremely nice person and she writes a great cozy amateur detective mystery The continuing stories of Benni Harper and her extended network of family friends and frenemies are the perfect comfort reads The books have real life intrude with a dollop of danger and sometimes people die But it's never gratuitous never put there for shock value Benni is a tough gal born of ranch stock who occasionally runs into the dark side She understands people has an eye for detail and also has a gut instinct when something is wrong She's been poor had a husband die young and foolishly and rushed into a second marriage with a fascinating and sometimes difficult man Right now she's the curator of a small folk art museum and art co op Benni also has deep faith and a belief that the world is a good placeIn other words Benni may not be you but she's someone you might enjoy accompanying on an adventure This book is well into the series but I recommend it and the overall arch of tales I suspect each book would strand alone because Earlene knows her characters well enough that each time they are introduced a different and yet very descriptive tidbit of info is added to that character's file You won't be bored and new readers won't get lostThis one takes place around Christmas where old family pain rises like dough new families are formed and a plot that might be mistaken for just wandering through life pulls together beautifully Benni actually gets permission from her gorgeous macho loving Chief of Police husband Ortiz to launch a pretend investigation to get someone off his backSo is it a red herring or is something really going onRecommended

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With Christmas just a few weeks away Benni's ueenly boss Constance Sinclair demands that she investigate the death of a local socialite It's not long before Benni recognizes t. This one seemed a little lighter after the last couple novels in the series as Benni is puppy sitting for Hud and preparing for an opening of Outsider Art at the museum while hosting Gabe's mother for Christmas She's also faux investigating a murder for her socialite employer Constance As with all her novels the family relationships are the biggest part of the story and that is on display here as Gabe deals with old baggage with his mother The opening letter from Dove to Benni's deceased mother detailing how she's watched over Benni was touching Right now I can see that she's worried about GabeI'm worried about Benni worrying about him And Isaac's worrying about me worrying about Benni I guess that's what family is a basket weave of people loving and worrying on each other

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Tumbling BlocksAnd her surprise new husband visiting Benni's holiday is already hectic Nevertheless she'll need to crack the exclusive circle of suspects before one gourmet goose gets cooke. Most Benni Harper mysteries are inspired by a uilting design This one is Tumbling Blocks Much of this plot revolves around domestic drama concerning Benni's husband Chief of Police Gabe Ortiz and unresolved feelings that come to the surface when his mother comes to visit for ChristmasHis mother has unexpectedly married and Gabe can't seem to accept this shift Playing against previous habits he actually encourages Benni to become involved in solving a local mystery concerning a women's club because he believes crime is imaginary and unimportant Emotion around her husband's PTSD his weird inflexibility about his mother and Benni's dog sitting a Corgi puppy for a friend are moving parts against the backdrop of local Christmas happenings Benni once again stumbles into the crucial situation that makes all the blocks comes tumbling down