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Spirit of those occasions with When Your Epubthese Time Out mini books Each contains a favorite presentation designed especially to uplift and teach When Your Pr. I came across this book at a time in my life when I was discouraged and needed to feel that my prayers were being heard There's a lot of helpful information in this short bookIt's hard to explain but I like this description from Deseret Book The wind was fierce and the disciples of Jesus had long rowed against it before the Lord finally came to them walking on the water in the fourth watch of the night somewhere between 300 and 600 AM In this talk on CD Michael Wilcox compares this with our own experiences in challenging times When our trials go on indefinitely we should not assume that God does not hear our prayers or that He does not care or that we are unworthy Perhaps we have not yet reached the 'fourth watch' This comforting message increases our faith and patience offers profound hope and solace and explains how the Lord often works with usThe Fourth Watch is a powerful concept and he goes beyond that to help us understand what's happening when we arrive at the Fourth Watch and God still hasn't come That's when we know we're tight like a dish Ether He also talks about holding places sometimes we need life experiences before we are given the answers we're looking for and he shares his experience with his father who abandoned their family when he was young I love this uote from this section Occasionally answers aren't given or the blessings we desire don't come or the trials we bear continue because there is no place in our hearts for God to put the answer we need Life must carve or hollow out this place The very experiences we are going through help to create these holding places Yet he still hears our prayers and promises the resolution will come in timeThere are lots of great nuggets in this book and I highlighted the last two pages I'm feeling much better these days And no my trials haven't all disappeared I have gained a new perspective on them and know that God is mindful of my life I also love that the title is When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered and not When Your Prayers Go Unanswered We have the assurance that our prayers are answered in God's time and we need to be willing to learn what will help us become the best we can along the wayMel's Shelves

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When Your Prayers Seem UnansweredAyers Seem Unanswered offers piercing insights into the Lord's dealings with His children and helps Your Prayers Seem Kindle #214 us learn to trust His timetable. I needed this book than I thought I would I was prompted to read it and I can see why It gave a lot towards what I was praying and seeking for It laid a spiritual foundation for me for new knowledgeDefinitely a great read

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FREE READ Ó When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered » ❮EPUB❯ ✰ When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered Author S. Michael Wilcox – Tens of thousands of women in the US and Canada have laughed wept and learned together at Time Out for Women events Now you can share the spirit of those occasions with these TTens of thousands of women in Prayers Seem Epub #218 the US and Canada have laughed wept and learned together at Time Out for Women events Now you can share the. This book is only about 60 pages but those 60 pages pack a punch A spiritual punch of course I loved it It was a great read for anyone who has ever felt like God isn't hearing you or has bad reception Favorite part of the book was when Wilcox talked about The Fourth Watch A New Testament day was divided into twelve hours beginning at six in the morning The third hour would be nine o'clock the sixth hour would be noon and the eleventh hour though we visualize it as being just before midnight actually was five o'clock in the evening The night was divided into four watches The first watch was from six in the evening until nine at night The second watch was nine until midnight the third watch from midnight until three in the morning and the fourth watch was from three in the morning until six about sunrise The Savior had just fed the five thousand He instructed his disciples to get into a boat and pick him up later after he had dismissed the multitude and later spent some solitude in prayer The disciples obeyed It was late afternoon or early evening when they got into the ship and pushed out into the Sea of Galilee Jesus sent the multitude home and then turned to communion with his Father He prayed into the evening and long into the night In the meantime a storm had swept down on the disciples in their voyage And when even was come the ship was in the midst of the sea and he alone on the land And he saw them toiling in rowing for the wind was contrary unto them Mark 647 48 In Matthew's version it says The ship wastossed with waves Matthew 1424 and in John's account we read And the sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew So when they had rowed about five and twenty or thirty furlongs John 618 19 A furlong is about 220 to 225 yards So if they have rowed 25 to 30 furlongs they've rowed about 65 to 70 football fields into a wind during the storm As would be expected they are exhausted and fearful Mark's version adds one tiny little point that the others don't something I think is really important Mark relates that Jesus saw them toiling in rowing Mark 648 They did not know that he was aware of their danger They did not know that he was aware of their danger They didn't realize he was up on the hill looking down watching them They only knew that they had rowed a long time the wind remaining contrary that they were exhausted and that they needed help And then we read About the fourth watch of the night he cometh unto them walking upon the seaand theysaw him and were troubled And immediately he talked with them and saith unto them Be of good cheer it is I; be not afraid And he went up unto them into the ship; and the wind ceased Mark 648 51 When we feel somewhat desperate when it seems like your prayers aren't answered and the wind still blows take comfort in the knowledge that he is on the hillside watching Remember you might not know that he's watching as you struggle in the boat but he is on the hillside watching and he will come But he generally comes in the fourth watch after we have done all we can doPg 7 8 and 13