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read El mejor negocio eres túThe Start up of You kindle ✓ Paperback ☆ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ El mejor negocio eres túThe Start up of You By Reid Hoffman ❤ – La seguridad en el empleo es cosa del pasado y la competencia en el mercado de trabajo se ha hecho feroz Todos loOfundador y presidente de LinkedIn Reid Hoffman junto con Ben Casnocha plantean ue la clave para impulsar t Unfortunately cannot remember much after some months of reading it Should write down my notes earlier S Re readability yes Note 45The motivation for the book is one idea the steady career paths of the past are gone Today's environment is extremely dynamic and we should be adaptable and ready to change jobs multiple timesThe solution for the authors is to think one's life and career a start up or simply put be pro active create an identity that goes beyond your current employer and seek to fit the malleable markets The authors stress we are always in a beta version of ourselves Flexibility to change pivot and learn is crucialKey to create an identity is to build a a strong network for new career opportunities and knowledge tapping Within this I found 3 ideas to be the most compelling ones My value in the market is I^We myself to the power of my network That is sharpen your skills as an individual and then expand your reach exponentially with your network Strong ties vs weak ties strong ones are typically people with very similar backgrounds like you You can heavily rely on them However their number of nodes is small and because of the similar backgrounds they don't offer you much informationopportunities On the other side weak ties though weaker in reliability are the ones that can offer you many opportunities for example when you are thinking to change jobs Weak ties are many and can bring you to different environments Our network size expands up to our 2nd degree and 3rd degree connectionsFinally the book ends each chapter with proposed practical exercises to improving your network I haven't done these; will do soon and that's why I want to skim read again the book It's a book that is read very fast The ideas are simple yet to the point and with practical advice

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La seguridad en el empleo es cosa del pasado y la competencia en el mercado de trabajo se ha hecho feroz To I make it a point not to take career advice from people who make money off of giving me career advice; however I am thinking of living by example and making money off of people for giving them career advice But I wasn't looking for career advice from this book Someone recommended it to me and thought it was something I'd like to read I didn't get it at first I care little about advancing in my career and I only need to make enough money to live my life You know just enough money to do the things I really want to do such as traveling aimlessly around the country in a beat up convertible; broadening my mind by learning new and exciting things; and creating a great civilization for my grandchildren to inherit In other words all the things I'm not doing while I'm writing technical documentation for a company that still codes in VB6 I don't do any these things because I am crippled by a fear of failure I developed whilst growing up in a depressed Rust Belt city where failure surrounded all of us sueezing us until we were suffocated of hope that things would work themselves out in the end That fear has stuck to perhaps even developed my psyche and it clings to me just like the stench of 100 years of industrialization has clung to my hometown I'm stuck in the Rust Belt; I am the Rust Belt I am the old GM plant Hoffman discusses in this book unwilling to take chances because I'm getting by well enough and so ensconced in the idea that I'll be okay as long as I work hard and keep my head down that I've failed to notice that everything I've ever wanted out of my life is waving goodbye from the backseat of a convertible Was some of the advice in this book generic and too idealistic? Yes Not everyone has the same resources that Hoffman had; not everyone has parents who'll let them take up residence in their basement while they execute Big Plan A B and C and some people begin their adult lives with no networking contacts other than drug abusers and alcoholics This is not a good book for people who are coming from nothing They need support and aid that this book cannot offer them But while reading this book I realized that I do have a bigger network of people than I thought I did Not a fail safe net but a bunch of people whom I've met through jobs or through social networking that may toss down a rope should I take a risk and fall into a pit or even people who if they don't have a rope available can find someone else who has a rope to extend to me At the very least there are people who'll let me crash on their couches for a couple of days while I seek out the unknown I'm a social person but it never occurred to me to ask anyone in my web of online and business contacts for advice or for a favor I may not be as alone as I thought I was what a comforting thought I currently have no plan to use this book for but I've had the good luck or was it foresight? to surround myself with intellectual and talented people from all walks of life And perhaps a midnight breakfast at Perkins with some of them for a night of banter and life talk will give me some ideas to start a plan out of

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El mejor negocio eres túThe Start up of YouDos los sectores económicos están experimentando transformaciones radicales Frente a esta situación el c Another great book on the power of networking It is co authored by the creator of Linkedin which has surprisingly to many been around for a lot longer that new comers like Facebook The book is primarily aimed at those people on the career treadmill looking to make a change however the information provided is certainly applicable to anyoneThis book addresses 'networking' as something you give before you receive It demonstrates how cultivating a wide and diverse network is what will not only support you through all phases of your career but also provide you that elusive opportunity that you never though would be attainable The books shows you how to go about building and utilizing a network in an intelligent manner rather than merely collecting 'friends' Most importantly it demonstrates that you need to not only nurture and build this network but you also need to contribute back to it if you plan to benefitToo many people and businesses scoff at the concept of 'effective' networking They view it the old world thinking of 'schmoozing' Nothing could be further from the truth in today's terms Tools such as Linkedin and Facebook make the whole networking process so much easier but to be effective you still need to create a system to gain the most advantage That is what this book will show youThe book is easy to read and very enjoyable It provides practical examples of effective networking as well as action point for you to take away and implement There is little doubt that if you take this book to heart and implement even some of the suggestions it contains your chances or networking success are far greater Take a leaf from the book of these authors who really know their subject and start implementing one of the most powerful success opportunities you have available today business networking