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Summary Ý PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Charles Todd The London detectiveAs clouds of war gather on the horizon Rutledge digs deeper finding similarities and patterns between the murders With every moment at stake he sets out to right a terrible wrong an odyssey that will eventually force him to choose between the Yard and his country between love and duty and between honor and trut. This is a preuel to the earlier Rutledge mysteries It takes place just as WWI is breaking out Hammish and Rutledge do not meet until the final pages but we know from the start that meeting is comingRutlege is engaged With love and death in the air I expected some emotional impact but there really is none Rutlege's finance is a cardboard cut out There is no chemistry between them There is no mystery to speak of either Normally I read a mystery in a few days This book was so easy to put down that it took the better part of a month I doubt if I would have finished it if it had not been a goodreads win and I felt obligated to review Not worth your time

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A Fine Summer’s Day Free read À 106 ✓ [BOOKS] ✯ A Fine Summer’s Day Author Charles Todd – Gwairsoft.co.uk Librarian's note An alternate cover edition can be found hereOn a fine summer's day in June 1914 Ian Rutledge is planning to propose to a woman he deeply loves despite hints from his family and friend Librarian's note An Librarian's note An alternate cover edition can be found hereOn a fine summer's day A Fine PDFEPUBin June Ian Rutledge is planning to propose to a woman he deeply loves despite hints from his family and friends that she may not be the most suitable choice for a policeman's wife To the north another man in love a Scottish Highlander. What a pleasure it was to thoroughly enjoy this book in the Inspector Ian Rutledge series And what a very good idea for the authors to go back to show us what Rutledge was like before he became so tormented by what happened to him in the fighting during World War I This is definitely a stand alone book for any reader thinking about trying this series then you can move on to the first book A Test of Wills with a smooth transitionThe book begins in the summer months of 1914 when the rumblings of war are being heard throughout Europe This novel is classic Rutledge vs Bowles confrontations with the Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police wanting cases closed as uickly as possible while Rutledge wants to be completely sure the guilty person is the one who goes to trial There are multiple crimes committed during this relatively short period of time and Rutledge has to travel by car over a large portion of England to find the link that ties all of them togetherSometimes in our modern world it is difficult to read a novel which takes place in a past time; to understand how the lack of technology could have such an impact on criminal investigations As a reader I must allow myself to slow down and put myself in the time frame established by the authors The activities in this story take place over large areas of very rural countryside Public telephones are few and far between never mind trying to find one in a private home Transport is not available every moment of the day The reader needs to be willing to travel back from a technology standpoint in order to find that human nature was still the same as it is now I find historical novels to be relaxing and these authors have created a multi faceted criminal problem which kept me fully engaged the entire time I was reading Thank you Charles Todd This is a special book much appreciated by your fans

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A Fine Summer’s DayNamed Hamish MacLeod asks his own sweetheart to marry himBack in England a son grieves for his mother dredging up a dark injustice that will trigger a series of murders that Rutledge must solve The victims are all upstanding and well liked The local police have their suspicions about the culprits and are less than cooperative with. A Fine Summer's Day is the 17th book in Charles Todd's Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery series Touching on a host of themes such as love of country familial duty classism romantic love and honor; leading man Ian finds himself a man on the brink With the specter of WWI looming on the none too distant horizon and his proposal to the 'high born' love of his life Jean coming under fire from those nearest and dearest to him Inspector Ian Rutledge of Scotland Yard finds himself in the center of what at first glance appear to be a string of unrelated crimesAs time goes on and the death toll rises Ian and his superiors at Scotland Yard come to realize that this case is one with a far greater scope and graver implications than anyone ever expectedThis book is so descriptive and has such a distinct and lyrical voice that it is difficult to believe that it is anything other than a standalone workHaving said that however it must be noted that because so much attention is paid to description and detail the story has a tendency to wanderThis is evidenced in the opening chapters of the book; when readers are introduced to a myriad of scenarios and characters before introductions to leading man Ian and his role in the unfolding saga are even addressed Not to worry though the plot lines found here are circular and as such do find their way back to answer the unanswered and tie the untiedeventually While there may be whispers of war and wishes for wedding bells Ian is bound to his duty as a 'man of The Yard' It is not very often that the vandalism of headstones at a cemetery leads to a call to Scotland Yard but so begins one of the most mind boggling cases of our leading man's career It is when in a seemingly unrelated casehe is called to the murder of respected businessman Benjamin Clayton that things really start to get interesting for young Inspector Rutledge As contradictory clues come to light which make the 2 2 's in this case come together to eual anything but four and other cases with similar modus operandi raise the stakes for allInspector Rutledge finds himself facing opposition from both the local constabulary and one very prickly Chief Superintendent BowlesWith things within his case progressing Ian's thoughts sway toward the service of crown and country in the coming war; at the behest of both Jean and her Major father A man born to both protect and serve; Ian must then choose how best to do so All the while weighing the cost to life love and futureWhile this tale is not big on edge of your seat action its appeal lies in the interpersonal relationships built between both the characters themselves and said characters and their audiences We as readers are allowed to glimpse the inner workings of Ian the man and Ian the officer This coupled with the afore mentioned descriptive scene setting and lyrical prose works together to form an unbreakable tether that pulls the readers into the story and never lets goReviewer's Note A Fine Summer's Day is a preuel to previous works in this series and may be read at any point as a companion or standalone