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Billionaire's Contract EngagementHis at least temporarily Billionaire businessman Evan Reese knows she’s desperate to get him to sign with Maddox Communications Maybe he will But first Celia needs to accompany him to beautiful Catalina for a family weddingas his fake fia I listened to this on audio a while ago so I don't remember it in detailI do remember it being one of the least angsty books by Maya Banks that I've ever readCelia is a strong female lead for the most part She likes working and doesn't have domestic skills No talk of children But she's been hurt in the past not the usual bad boyfriend way and it has made her wary of wealthy men Being a woman in a man's business world she is very conscious of appearances and wants to be known for her work and not sleeping her way to the topEvan has been jonesing for Celia for months and believes he has finally figured out how to get her under his er thumbHe tricks her into posing as his fiancee and she's sure that it will only be for show but of course how can she resist him?I liked that they were both adults and communicated She is not a doormat But then her worst fear is realized and when she asks Evan for his understanding he is anything butThe grovel was nicely done with a fitting HEASafety is good as far as I recall view spoilerHis conceited jealous brother 'stole' his fiancee Bettina just because she was with Evan But Evan was relieved to get rid of Bettina so she's not really competition Not that she doesn't try to stick her barbs under Celia's skinI don't think either of them slept with others in the months he lusted after her hide spoiler

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Book ↠ Billionaire's Contract Engagement È 183 pages ☆ Maya banks ☆ ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Billionaire's Contract Engagement By Maya Banks ➝ – In this reader favorite story by #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Maya Banks a fake engagement lNcée There he’ll wine dine and seduce the stunning ad executivefor he knows she desires him too Yet what happens when this counterfeit engagement becomes than just an act?Originally published in 2010 as Billionaire’s Contract Engagement Seems a shame to waste time on such unpleasant thoughts Crap happens It happens all the time Get over it CeliaI won’t be sorry to see her suffer for the choice she made EvanYou're as diabolical as I am face it EvanI could have used some of your evilness in the past That's for sure I'm a little envious of how you don't mind poking your finger in the eyes of those who have screwed you over I need to learn how to do that CeliaAnd sometimes I think if you were mine I just might let you CeliaWe're adults in charge of our own destiny There's no problem we can't solve together Trust me EvanIf you change your mind don't bother to come crawling back I think you've made it abundantly clear what I'm good for EvanIf there was any crawling to do it would be him doing it In the mud Over broken glass EvanI'm through caring what they think about me The only people in this world who matter to me already believe the best of me What do I need? CeliaAs long as I have the support of those who love and respect me it doesn't matter what the rest of the world thinks CeliaSo will you? Marry me? Put me out of my misery? Evan

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In this reader favorite story by #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Maya Banks a fake engagement leads to very real passionHe’s wanted her for six long months And now the opportunity has finally arrived to make Celia Taylor Super Abrupt and unfinished endingWould have felt completeif it had Atleast a page of epilogueSadThis had the potential of being a 4