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FREE EBOOK È EPUB Code of Conduct é 9781476717159 Í GWAIRSOFT ↠ ➽ Code of Conduct Free ➳ Author Brad Thor – Hidden deep within one of the world’s most powerful organizations is a secret committee with a devastating agenda Its members are afforded incredible prG international intrigue duplicitous political gamesmanship and the darkest most clandestine fears of the espionage worldWith razor sharp plotting richly rendered characters and heart stopping surprises on every page Thor isn’t just at the top of his game he owns the entire genr My first Brad Thor book and I really enjoyed it I found it to be well written and uite realistic in its description of firearms and special ops tactics and I'm a real perfectionist when it comes to accuracy in these areas Very compelling story very readable a real page turner Now I'm going to read of the Scot Harvath series

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Nsmitted to DC covert wheels are set in motion and counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath is tapped to undertake the deadliest assignment of his careerWhat begins as a favor will evolve into a globe spanning drama of highly personal stakes played out against a backdrop of stunnin Thor returns with his fourteenth Scot Harvath novel tackling an angle readers have yet to see in the rough and tumble former Navy Seal After an anonymous video makes its way to America what is depicted is nothing short of devastating An entire African village destroyed by fire purposely torched for reasons unknown Harvath is dispatched as a favour finding himself in the jungles of Congo as he tries to decipher what's been going on What begins as a suspected rebel slaughter of a village turns into something far deadly which could encapsulate the world if not properly handled Simultaneously an Undersecretary at the United Nations one Pierre Damien is leading a plan to deal with the world's burgeoning population issue with complete immunity and full backing of his superiors As Harvath links Damien to the Congo situation he realises that there is a group on American soil working to ensure this pandemic reaches all corners of the planet while infecting Washington's political elite as well Thor keeps the action high and uses his cast of regular characters to show a different side to Harvath a softer and compassionate one while still holding firm to his promise to rid the world of evilAs I read this novel I could not help but see strong plot parallels with a series by another favourite author of mine under the Covert One heading While some readers may complain that Thor has steered Scot Harvath away from his traditional international tough guy persona I felt this turn showed the versatility of the character while also appealing to my interest in the aforementioned other series The ideas were sound the premise a tad far fetched but delivered in a realistic fashion and the cast of regular characters made this book a highly interesting read While not on my top five all time in theBrad Thor collection it did serve to offer the reader a break from the Bond esue battles and exemplify that Harvath has a softer and compassionate side to himKudos Mr Thor for your wonderful addition to the series Detractors are simply too ensconced in their rough and tumble Scot Harvath but I applaud the versatile nature of the character and plot lineLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at

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Code of ConductHidden deep within one of the world’s most powerful organizations is a secret committee with a devastating agenda Its members are afforded incredible protections considered elites untouchablesBut when four seconds of video is captured halfway around the world and anonymously tra With Brad Thor there are few things you can always expect Manly tough guy behavior Disgust for terrorists and extremists Torture 70s Funk musicBut as of late I have not been able to expect a good novelstory The last few book kind of fell flat for me – including the lowest rating I had ever given one of his Scot Harvath books I was starting to wonder if the Harvath storyline had jumped the shark? Lost its luster? Should I keep going?Well I was this far in to the series and committed so I had to keep goingWhen this book first started I thought it was going to be like the recent ones It felt a bit slow and forced For the first third there is a lot of running around the African jungle without a lot of content or story progression to keep me interested I was starting to fade againHowever after the first third things started to pick up and it felt a bit like the old Harvath titlesStakes were raised the plot line became apocalyptic and suspenseful seemingly “good guys” were revealed as definitely “bad guys”; basically total world wide corruption and I really got into it I am glad to see this series regaining some of my interest Hopefully the next one will continue the trend To be honest until I see a few books in a row of this I will remain skeptical