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DOC ¸ READER Dogfight at the Pentagon ☆ 9780062333193 Ø THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Ø ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Dogfight at the Pentagon By The Wall Street Journal ➝ – One of the Wall Street Journal’s most popular features for than seventy years the dLdog got promoted to sergeant how a grumpy cat acuired a Hollywood agent and will be left wondering if a pound carp named Benson died naturally in England or was the victim of foul play From pantyhose or mantyhose for men to a campaign to recruit youthful nudists a hairdo archaeologist to five escaped wallabies and hippies smoking catnip these stories will make readers laugh and keep them entertain A collection from the Wall Street Journal's A hed column Some amusing some strange some informative almost all entertaining

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One of the Wall Street Journal’s most popular features for than seventy Dogfight at MOBI #234 years the daily A hed column named for a headline that looked like a letter A has diverted readers from the glum news of war economic woe natural disasters and manmade malfeasance Covering a wide range of lunacy and the unusual from across the nation and the world the A hed continues to enchant longtime KindleA collection of articles that were published in the Wall Street Journal's A Hed ColumnI had never heard of the A Hed Column in the Wall Street Journal Reading this has made me interested in seeking it outA uick read there are 21 stories some with follow ups that are on a wide range of topicsYou'll learn of a group of men who's been playing a game of tag for over 20 years and the lengths they'll go to to not be It the following year are ridiculous and demonstrate how financial security and entitlement allows some people the ability to do incredibly stupid thingsAnd then there's the Bronies Adult fans usually men of Hasbro's My Pretty Pony Yes It's a real thing RECOMMEND

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Dogfight at the PentagonReadersNow the best A hed stories from recent years have been bundled into this delightful collection There are romantic tales including the Japanese “infidelity phone” it keeps trysts secret and the story of “wingmen” and “wingwomen” who escort wallflowers to nightspots and maneuver them into the arms of prospective catches Lovers of dogs cats and fish will learn how a Marine Corps bul Amusing collection of offbeat articles from the A Hed column of the Wall Street Journal My favorite was the group of men who have kept a game of tag going for 23 years ever since they graduated from high school The game is active for one month every year and nobody wants to get stuck being it for the next 11 months They do insane things like fly across the country and sneak into each others' offices cars or even bedrooms to tag someone I also liked the article on the potential demise of the apostrophe I don't remember seeing this column in the WSJ before but I'll look for it in the future if I ever come across a WSJ again Since retirement I don't seek it out