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First Author M.A. GraObs’s parents died while she was in high school her brother’s best friend Dallas Miller was there to help pick up the pieces Several years and a looming college graduation later Cat’s motorcycle riding tattooed knight is about to ride off into the sunset and leave her in his dust She only has six days to convince him to fulfil her secret fantasy of having him for her first before he’s gone forever She’s stubborn and he’s tempted but this is a battle for than just some time in the bedroom it’s a fight for both their future I received a copy via netgalleyI found this to be cute A bit sexy but not too much so It's actually broken up into two novelettes Which I thought based on description it was just gonna be a solid novel So that might need to be placed somewhere upon purchase not many people like mini stories Both are rather shot you get a good storyline going then bam it gets good and it's over For that I didn't like but I preferred the second half with Cat and Dally I wish it had going for it make it into a novel itself with detail and a better conclusion then what we got But for what they are it's great little uick reads Solid 35 rating

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End’s older brother in her bed suddenly things aren’t as cut and dry Cat and Jake are close a tight unit since their parents’ death and Cat will never forgive her if Jake gets hurt Jake is a firefighter and is used to running into flames not away from them and Maya can’t seem to resist But she’s already decided her future and it’s far away from here The only way to get what she’s always wanted is to burn every bridge behind her and destroy the possibility of a future with the one man she may be willing to loveWhen Cat Jac ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

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First Author M.A. Grant Book ✓ 165 pages Download ↠ M.a. grant ´ [PDF / Epub] ☉ First Author M.A. Grant – Best friends do everything together—including falling in loveMaya and Cat have been there for each other through thick and thin the good and the bad the laughter anBest friends do everything together including falling in loveMaya and Cat have been there for each other through thick and thin the good and the bad the laughter and the heartache But with college graduation on the horizon and real life looming they find themselves facing an uncertain future one where not even friendship can save them from confusing choices bad decisions and the risks of falling in loveMaya knows that love only leads to pain and the best relationships are short one night short But after waking up with Jake her best fri Two stories for the price of oneIf you're looking for a sweet romantic read then these two stories are just what you need I have to say that I enjoyed Maya and Jake's story a little as their love hate relationship amused me Cat and Dallas were sweeter because Cat was very naive My only criticism would be that you don't get a full picture because they're so short