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In Another Country doc ↠ 8 pages Download ✓ ➲ [Read] ➭ In Another Country By Ernest Hemingway ➽ – The short story is about an ambulance corps member in Milan during World War I Although unnamed he is assumed to be Nick Adams a character Hemingway made to represent himself He has an injured kThe short story is about an ambulance corps member in Milan during World War I Although unnamed he is assumed to be Nick Adams a character Hemingway made to represent himself He has an injured knee and visits a hospital daily for rehabilitation There the machines are used to speed the healing with the doctors making much of the miraculous new technology They show pictures to the wounded of injuries like theirs healed by the machines but the war hardened soldiers are portrayed as skeptical and perhaps justifiably soAs the narrator walks through th The short story “In Another Country” by Ernest Hemingway expresses a great deal of the author’s views on stoicism The central figures of the piece are all soldiers wounded during wartime and yet they do not lose themselves to despair Our narrator has lost his lower leg and his doctor with great resolve states that he will still be able to play football again “better than ever” in fact Our narrator never uestions the doctor’s words or speaks with any sort of negativity toward the loss of his leg he simply accepts his predicament and moves on But it is the final moments of the story that truly speak to Hemingway’s beliefs on grace under pressure Hemingway writes of a Major whose wife has recently passed He admits the difficulty of his wife’s passing but says to his compatriot “I cannot resign myself” Hemingway showed the Major as being a leader of men one who inspired those around him as it was his insistence that his friend’s grammatical errors in speaking Italian were so egregious that forced the narrator to improve himself Hemingway uses the final paragraphs of his story to show that while strong men can be affected by tragedy as the Major clearly is they cannot succumb to it without losing themselves entirely They simply cannot “resign” themselves to that fate

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O is friends with the narrator in an angry fit tells Nick he should get married but that his hopes and dreams will always be dashed it being only a way to set one up for hurt It is later revealed that the major's wife had suddenly and unexpectedly died of pneumonia The major is depicted as far grievously wounded with a hand withered to the size of a baby's hand and Hemingway memorably describes the withered hand being manipulated by a machine which the major dismisses as a damn thing But the major seems even deeply wounded by the loss of his wife Read in The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other StoriesSynopsis A soldier is in the hospital to treat his injuries He recalls other military men he was friends with during his time in serviceA moving story about a man's war experience and how it impacted his and his friend's lives

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In Another CountryE streets with fellow soldiers the townspeople hate them openly because they are officers Their oasis from this treatment is Cafe Cova where the waitresses are very patrioticWhen the fellow soldiers admire the protagonist's medal they learn that he is American ipso facto not having to face the same struggles in order to achieve the medal and no longer view him as an eual but still recognize him as a friend against the outsiders The protagonist accepts this since he feels that they have done far to earn their medals than he has Later on a major wh Personal ResponseThis short story was very eye opening to me It gave me a little taste of how hard being in a war might be The war had a large emotional toll on some of the characters Although this wasn’t my favorite story I still enjoyed it The story included a lot of imagery about the city of Milan and I think that helped the reader get drawn in I definitely wasn’t expecting to read anything about a war but it was pretty good overall PlotDuring one of the world’s largest wars it was hard to live a normal life Being injured definitely didn’t help this cause at all Ernest had to go to the hospital everyday to get stretched out by machines along with many of his friends Every once in awhile their sergeant had to come in to the hospital as well One day Ernest was talking to one of his friends about how he wanted to start a family when he got home to America HIs sergeant was very upset about this and told him to never make anyone rely on him like that Everyone was in shock about his strange reaction That was until he came back and apologized and explained that his wife had just passed away All of the soldiers were suddenly very understanding of their sergeant and sent him their condolences RecommendationI would recommend this short story to boys or girls who are older than 15 This story could appeal to either gender as it has a part about war and a part about emotions I think the reader should be at least 15 years old because this story is a bit hard to comprehend which may be hard for younger children