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The Perfect HusbandTess croyait avoir trouvé le mari idéal en la personne de Jim Beckett un policier jouissant d'une excellente réputation dans la petite ville de Williamstown MassachusettsMais deux ans après le mariage elle découvre. 455 “Jim Beckett is a pure psychopath Most of you out there probably think you know what that means I'm here to tell you that you don't” Oh my God What did I just readLisa Gardner is a genius This was such an intense and gripping suspensethriller story with a touch of romance It left me exhausted as if it drained all my energy away after I finished it The Perfect Husband gave me chills from the very start and I felt and terrified of what would happen to Tess and her daughter as I went further into the book The whole story totally kept me on the edge During the last 30% of the book I felt like my heart thumping out of my chest So much happened near the end and it was full of action and excitement that I wasn’t able to put it down until I finishedJust thinking about this psycho killer and what he did still gives me goosebumps even now Jim Beckett is one of the most dangerous and scariest villains I've ever read Reading the scenes where the bodies of the murdered women were discovered and the description of how he tortured and then killed them made me sick to my stomach that I had to hug myself tightly and close my eyes for a few seconds Damn it wasn’t that easy to nerve myself to turn to the next page On the one hand he considers himself outside the boundaries of society — that is his neurosis On the other hand deep down like any person he has a need for limits As he gets away with murder he tries even daring and dangerous stunts Not just because of ego but because some part of him wants to be caught Like the child who evolves from petty tantrums to small crime to get a parent's attention Beckett will commit riskier and riskier murders seeking that barrier At first I thought this was another typical woman on the run from her psycho ex husband story but boy was I wrong It was much than that and I can't tell you any than this You really need to read it for yourselfBy the way this was my enjoyable read The pace was fast and the plot was suspenseful and action packed This book absolutely lived up to its hype Really worth it

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L'horreur son époux a assassiné dans des circonstances effroyables plusieurs femmes Tess n'a d'autre The Perfect MOBI #234 choix ue de le dénoncer à la justiceEn attendant d'être jugé Jim est placé dans un uartier. This was harder to rate I was thinking 35 rating but gave it a four as did enjoy the characters in this bookbut lacking in areas of gritty parts missing in the book as it's about the charactersit starts with a husband a serial killer he goes to prison for his crimes and escapes and his wife who has a child who manages to escape from her husband who was tortured by him and gets her child into hidingbut she doesn't trusts cops you soon get to know whyand finds help from a troubled alcoholic and his sister have a bad relationship as the story unfoldsim going to read of her books as was recommended to read her books and they get better

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Read & download ↠ The Perfect Husband í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · ❰Reading❯ ➷ The Perfect Husband Author Lisa Gardner – Tess croyait avoir trouvé le mari idéal en la personne de Jim Beckett un policier jouissant d'une excellente réputation dans la petite viDe haute sécurité Le jour où tuant deux gardiens il parvient à s'évader il n'a plus u'une idée en tête retrouver celle ui l'a trahiEt lui rappeler u'ils sont unis uoi u'il arrive jusu'à ce ue la mort les sépare. First published in 1997 this book has aged like milk Battered wife goes to masculine ex Marine looking for combat lessons; he slaps her around a bit it's ok he wasn't expecting her and was on his annual 5 day bender to celebrate the day his former love intereststepmother and half brother were killedoh yes; her terrible husband defies several laws of physics and storytelling to track her down; final showdown ensuesIt earned itself two stars by actually being very well written if you ignore the subject material and for the absolute DRAMA that our male lead unintentionally brings The man just loves a monologue and never heard of stifling even a passing feeling it's unintentional comedy but absolute gold nonethelessUnfortunately as I can't just jump into a series mid way this one is not going to be for me