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Nyckeln by Mats StrandbeTiden håller på att rinna ut och till slut kan De utvalda bara vara säkra på en sak Allt kommer att förändr ☆☆★★ 45 magical stars ★★☆☆ I just reread my whole review and realized that I forgot to tell you what this book is about oops I don't really wanna spoil you though so everything I'm gonna say is that it's about witches and demonsI rarely read stuff that isn't mainstream everybody has read it YA I have this fear that if a book doesn't have at least 10K ratings or an average rating of 4 stars I wont like it That obviously I should go for the read books the books with tons of reviews so that I can analyze everything about the book beforehand you know to be sure that I'll like it This is just a habit I've always had and the thing that sucks about it is this it makes me not even second glance at books like Nøkkelen The Key I have seen this book multiple times at some bookstores not that far away from home and in the beginning it did actually catch my eye It was like a huge light was shining just on that one book It wasn't just that it was the only book on the shelf that I hadn't read but the title and cover were also a little mysterious So I went home and googled it and after about five minutes I had already decided that this book wasn't for me Five minutes of googling That is how picky I am That is how undeniably stupid I amSpeed forward to a couple of weeks ago You can probably understand how surprised I was when Gyldendal sent it to me in the mail I mean was it a coincidence? Or are there some higher powers somewhere that were just cursing at me to PICK UP THAT AWESOME BOOK ALREADY STOP BEING A SNOBLet me tell you this book was fantasticI mean YES it's slow And if the characters don't interest you then you're as good as doomed Even though this is a fantasy trilogy it's actually really character driven Luckily for me I loved hearing about all of the characters; Linnèa Vannessa Anna Karin and Minoo We get to know them we bear with them through their ups and downs through struggles and stress and pressure that almost makes them snapLinnèa is the emo girl I guess Her father is an alcoholic and her best friend is dead She rarely opens herself up and is terrified of hurting both herself and others Vannessa is the party girl Anna Karin the bullied and Minoo the really shy and school smart At first they all seem like the typical stereotypes but as the story moves on you get to be inside their heads and understand that they aren't just what I described above They develop alot throughout the book they grow up I know that some of the people that have read this book thought that the book was too slow but in my opinion I think it was as slow as it had to be for the characters to believably mature into the people they are at the endAs for the fantasy element it was slightly in the background sometimes This didn't really bother me because even if it wasn't all up in my face at all times I could still feel that it was there And the ending totally made up for it anyways because when the ball first went rolling it didn't stop for any breaks The second half gave me so many heart attacks I couldn't even count them The pacing sped up a bit and things were happening all the time There was no time for me to breathe and the answers to everything took me completely by surprise I could not for the life of me figure out how it would end As soon as I thought I got it a new thing popped up and made the story take a whole other turnI will definitely be trying to find witch books in the future And TRY to not judge books too fast

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DOC ð READER Nyckeln by Mats Strandberg FREE Ê MATS STRANDBERG ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➽ Nyckeln Author Mats Strandberg – Det har gått drygt en månad sedan tragedin i Engelsfors gymnasiums gympasal De utvalda får ingen tid att återhämta sig innan deras värld vänds upp Det har gått drygt en månad sedan tragedin i Engelsfors gymnasiums gympasal De utvalda får ingen tid att åter I can not believe this series is over Best ending ever I NEED MORE BOOKS I really hope they are writing a companion series or a series based 10 years after these events WOULD BE AWESOME

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Hämta sig innan deras värld vänds upp och ner igen Frågor besvaras Hemligheter avslöjas Lojaliteter prövas I could've sworn I had already written a review on this when I finished it a bit ago but apparently not Or if I did it's definitely gone I thinkAnyways I enjoyed this book somewhat extremely The ending the characters the plot — it was all very right and fitting As I have said when I recommend this series to anyone the plot isn't all that original but the take on the trope is very well done It doesn't have to be too original to workThis series is ultra close to my heart I believe it was a series that kind of got me into reading again and the years prior to and following the movie which was a huge disappointment but they filmed the majority of it in my town so I don't know what to feel I was fangirling hard over this series And as any fangirlfanboyfanperson would know there's nothing disappointing than raving about a series only to reach a terrible ending This book didn't disappoint and I was so relieved The first book drove me crazy because I loved it so much — and then I went into the second which started off slowly but then Nicolaus started to reveal stuff and shit went down I also believe I enjoyed the second book than the first because the friendship between the girls and how much they actually need each other became clear And how the characters changed through the second book was amazing — especially Ida As for this book some characters were annoying but it was 'necessary to the plot' so to speak And I feel like some characters — Felix for example — weren't given nearly as much time in the spotlight as I would've liked But that's just a small complaint And need I say Vanessa and Linnéa Anyway I was relieved than happy when I reached the ending Relieved because I was pleased with the ending and because I had finished a series for once