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Review Ë Peopleuake Mass Migration Aging Nations and the Coming Population Crash Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É [BOOKS] ⚡ Peopleuake Mass Migration Aging Nations and the Coming Population Crash By Fred Pearce – Gwairsoft.coRts a growing number of retirees But is this necessarily so Might an older world population have an upside Pearce also shows us why our demographic future holds increased migration rates and reveals the hypocrisy at the heart of anti immigrant rhetoric in the developed world the simple fact is that countries with lower birthrates need workers and countries with higher birthrates need work And he tackles the truism that population density always leads to environmental degradation taking us from some of the world's most densely packed urban slums to rural Africa to argue that underpopulation can sometimes be the cause of environmental woes while cities could hold the key to sustainable livingPearce's provocative book is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what demographics tell us about our global future and for all those who believe in learning from the mistakes of the pas. A great book with possibly the best ‘Introduction’ I’ve ever read Though it’s a little 11years outdated now much of it is as relevant as ever I felt it didn’t uite deserve the 5th star as the pace and panache of the book dwindled in the final two sections Nonetheless will definitely recommend to my students

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Migration Aging PDFEPUB #187 Demography is destiny It underlies many of the issues that shake the world from war and economics to immigration No wonder then that fears of overpopulation flared regularly over the last century a century that saw the world's population uadruple Even Mass Migration Aging Nations and PDFEPUB or today baby booms are blamed for genocide and terrorism and overpopulation is regularly cited as the primary factor driving global warming and other environmental issuesYet surprisingly it appears that the explosion is past its peak Around the Peopleuake Mass eBook #236 world in developing countries as well as in rich ones today's women are having on average children half the number their mothers had Within a generation world fertility will likely follow Europe's to below replacement levels and by the world's population will be declining for the first time since th. I blogged the following discussion of this book on the Migrants Rights Network website at wwwmigrantsrightsorgukIt is increasingly clear that the coalition government’s immigration policies are going to be informed by the population pessimism which regards growth at the level of the ONS’s upper predictions of 70 million people by 2031 as the very worst fate that could befall the United Kingdom Much of the discussion around the announcement of a cap on third country migrant numbers made by the Home Secretary on 28th June is in line with the gloomy thinking that people always means bad news and draconian measures are justified to bring about a reversal of trendsWhilst the negative take on population figures has been contested by social policy analysts working in such bodies as ippr and Centre Forum the sheer force of Malthusian commonsense continues to rule the roost amongst politicians and tabloid headline writersThat might change with the public of a splendid new book by the Guardian’s Greenwash columnist Fred Pearce Peopleuake Mass Migration Ageing Nations and the Coming Population Crash goes at the argument full tilt and from just about every possible angle He looks at the work of the Reverend Bob Malthus as it moved through its various stages of gloomy population punditry training manual for colonial administrators and the foundations for the distasteful ideology of eugenics shows just how unreliable it has always been as a predictor of the outcomes of population rise The UK illustrates the error in this type of thinking as clearly as anything else In 1821 the population of Britain was a mere 20 million and this has risen by 300% in the 190 years since to our present 61 million But rather than the famine and pestilence predicted by Malthus this same period has seen encouraging moves away from the conditions of epidemic disease the appalling congestion of the cities of the early industrial revolution better planned housing and health care and social amenities which have all tended to the improvement of human life and the increase of happinessPearce argues that rather than bang on about large numbers we should be looking at the likely scenarios which be worked out in the years ahead which will be affected by concentrations or the dispersal of populations He points out that although the world population will continue to rise over the next few decades reaching around 9 billion in 2040 most of this will arise from an a decline in the rate of death rather than the arrival of new people Our societies are filling up principally with people who are living longer and growing greyer A decline in birth rates long noted in the countries of the developed world but increasingly apparent in China India and other emerging regions means that the generation alive in 2040 will be living on the cusp of a prolonged period of human history during which people die each year than are born For Pearce this is the really significant fact which should be bearing down on our policy making in today’s work as a we plan for a transitional period of adjustment as we work out the social relations needed to sustain civilised life in what will be older but also peaceful and hopefully wiser societiesIn this scenario immigration is not a phenomenon we need to bear down on but a useful resource which will ensure that youthful energy and innovation finds its place in the parts of the world where smooth foreheads and clear sighted eyes are becoming increasingly scarce There are many counterfactuals stacking up against the population pessimists and which challenge the idea that downward pressure now needs to be brought to bear on levels of migration They suggest that better principles for managing migration will be found in the empowerment of migrants rather than increases in coercive controls If we are going to need to tap into the resources of the young the energetic the brightest and the most imaginative to meet the demands of this transitional period of human history we should start to do that now by drawing them and the them increasingly being migrants into the policy discussion rather than leave it until too much later

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Peopleuake Mass Migration Aging Nations and the Coming Population CrashE Black Death almost seven hundred years agoIn The Coming Population Crash veteran environmental writer Fred Pearce reveals the dynamics behind this dramatic shift Charting the demographic path of Mass Migration Aging Kindle #216 our species over two hundred years he begins by chronicling the troubling history of authoritarian efforts to contain the twentieth century's population explosion as well as the worldwide trend toward the empowerment of women that led to lower birthrates And then with vivid reporting from around the globe he dives into the environmental social and economic effects of our surprising demographic futureNow is probably the last time in history that our world will hold young people than elders Most Mass Migration Aging Nations and PDFEPUB or fear that an aging world population will put a serious drain on national resources as a shrinking working population suppo. Fred Pearce's optimistic outlook is the perfect antidote to the relentless Malthusian world view of immiment plague pestilence and famine There really are reasons to be cheerful if challenges are addressed and not left to become self fulfilling prophesies of the doomsayers The book doesn't fight shy of the massive issues that need to be confronted feticide eugenics euthansia mass migration immigration environmental impact wealth polarisation and much besides But just as Malthus couldn't see how the world could sustain people back in the 1800s the same blinkered thinking threatens to condemn efforts to lift millions of people out of poverty and to abandon them to their fate Pearce's view is that the demographic timebomb may yet be defused by falling birthrates ageing populations and the changing role of women around the world