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Doc ↠ The Italian Playboy's Proposition ↠ 192 pages ↠ Kim lawrence ↠ ✻ [EPUB] ✰ The Italian Playboy's Proposition By Kim Lawrence ❅ – Plain poor and inexperienced Jude struggles to hold down a full time job as well as being guardian to her brotHer circumstances wealthy powerful Luca wouldn't look twice at her But he needs a wife pronto Now the ruthless billionaire's demanding a marriage of convenien A book about a MOC that turned out to be amusing sweet sexy and a really good read The h’s brother and sister in law were killed in a car crash making her guardian to their three children Five year old twins and an eighteen month old She had a degree in child psychology but is uickly learning that intellectual knowledge and practical application are two totally different things She is over her head and in serious need of some help The H has a seven year old daughter who her maternal relatives are trying to get custody of He will do anything to keep her safe from them Even if that means a MOC to a stranger Fate happens and the H finds the h’s five year old nephew who snuck out and went to visit the H’s brother’s apartment Although their first meeting was hostile and a bit mental there was no denying the sparks between them This all led to a proposal of marriage that led to a story that was great fun to read

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Plain poor and inexperienced Jude struggles to hold down a full time job as well as being guardian to her brother's three little children So she can't believe 4 CONVENIENTLY MARRIED STARSThis is a story about a marriage of convenience A favorite story line of mine I must admit The heroine Jude is a struggling guardian mother figure to her brother's orphaned three children Now these children sound like actual real kids should sound So BRAVO Ms KL on your honest portrayal of kids in this book here The hero Luca Di Rossi is your typical hero here with him being rich tall handsome and with enough luggage to fill a whole baggage kart He needs to uickly find a woman to marry preferably with children Which would allow him to appear established in order to gain full custody of 'his daughter Valentina When he spots the overwhelmed heroine he sees his an opportunity for them to solve each others problems Enter the marriage of convenience Now in HP land nothing is ever this easy and these two must navigate through many obstacles in order to achieve their HEA Also this author is on my auto buy list I have very few disappointing reads from herAnd this book was NOT a disappointment for meWorth a read and a reread for me Safety no cheating some drama with OW but mostly from crazy ex family some pushing and pulling and hero used condoms in his past heroine is virgin

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The Italian Playboy's PropositionHer eyes when she opens her front door to handsome Luca Di Rossi the man whom the newspapers call the world's most notorious playboyJude knows that in any ot Goodreads deleted the review because of someone flagging it guess I got to write it all over againStrange reason It contains too many spoilers and what the heck? Mine was similar to anothers? Whoever flagged it had to be crazyJust because some spoilers coincidentally are nearly same does not mean I have taken it from them you really got to be kidding yourselfAnyway getting back to the reviewview spoiler Luca Di Rossi Gianluca wants to retain custody of his little girl from her dead mother’s family He doesn’t want the child around her nasty grandmother at all so he needs to have a wife and preferably one with kids to make his stand solid He is a rich playboy so he needs to show in the court of law that he has a settled down life that would be good for a child Luca doesn’t like to explain his actions he feels that he shouldn’t be uestioned as he would never lead you wrongDr Jude Lucas is guardian to her orphaned nieces and nephew She seems to be doing well for herself and even though she is an author of a book on parenting and child expert she’s not an expert with an hands on experience Guess knowing what to do and actually being able to do it are two different things Jude has a soft gentle heart and she is forgiving but on the idiotic senseless side hide spoiler