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This is How You Lose Her Summary È 109 Ü ❰Reading❯ ➺ This is How You Lose Her Author Junot Díaz – „И тогава проумях че всичко е свършило Замислиш ли се за началото значи е дошъл краят“Умееш да губиш жените ?а колкото може би се очаква от теб Какво да направиш Свиваш рамене изправяш гордо загорялото си от слънце лице и се усмихваш – полуразпадът на любовта продължава вечноЧувал си че един ден и твоето сърце ще бъде разбито Възможно е Но какво да is How You ePUB #185 напр. This Is How You Lose Her is another blast of ingenious storytelling from the talented Junot Diaz In 1997 he walloped the literary landscape and established his name as a meteoric presence with Drown a collection of gritty stories centering on Dominican American immigrants and culture Not until a decade later did he finish his next work the acclaimed novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which recounts in ecstatic prose the tragedies that befall a first generation Dominican American family With this collection of stories Diaz continues to explore his trademark themes of hardship loss failure and resilience in the lives of Dominican American characters Each of the stories focuses on individuals confronting tough times and the conseuences of their choices especially in regards to love and relationships The central figure and narrator for several of the pieces is the incomparable Yunior His voice ranks among the most distinctive and inimitable in modern literature Through his perspective Diaz gives us an uncensored glimpse into the lives of a community of men and women battling through the riotous terrain of love from both the emotional and carnal side Diaz does not hold back with his oftentimes salacious details of love He navigates the perils of sex and relationships with complete honesty and openness He is a genius of language most notably with the peerless voice of Yunior Diaz’s literary abilities allow him to employ a poetical style that places him in a league of his own His prose is like wildfire tearing through everything and leaving you unsettled With some of America’s literary giants such as Morrison McCarthy and Doctorow now in the twilight of their careers I feel comfortable with Diaz blazing the trail for the next generation of great writers to follow We can only hope Diaz continues to produce work in the decades ahead that resonates with the same uproarious energy for life as he does in This Is How You Lose Her I can hardly wait for his next work

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авиш Усмихваш се и продължаваш да вървиш по плажовете на Доминиканската република След това се прибираш и продължаваш да пишеш романа си По често си сам но не си изненадан Защото знаеш дълбоко в невярното си сърце че понякога начало е всичко което получавам. The straight reviewers meaning non GR have curled up and just about died of pure pleasure from reading this book but I was not uite so jaw on the floor for me it was a little bit Junot Diaz’s difficult third album 1996 2007 2012 – three books not big ones either in 15 years If Junot Diaz was a singer songwriter he’d be Kate Bush He takes forever on his stuff It reads extremely fast goes down like alcopop but you know it’s meticulous He keens over every word and the words are good I dock a star for three reasons First it’s a stifling book We’re up close and breathing the frowsy sweat of the unloveliest parts of male macho attitude in all of these stories every one I found a uote from Diaz The uestion was always for someone like me What is the role of a male artist in the feminist struggle We can’t be feminists I think Our privilege prevents us We can be feminist aligned in some way And so the women kept saying to us dudes the best thing you can do is draw maps of masculine privilege You can go places we can’t Draw maps so when we drop the bombs they land accurateSo you can see these stories as accurate maps for the feminists but cher professor do they need any maps Those feminists have had plenty to go on all the way from Henry Miller to Brett Easton Ellis their hard drives are crammed with gigabytes of misogynism ain’t no need for no I thinks On the other hand you have to write what you know That is soSecond and this is just me the Anglo Monolingual Saxon speaking I found the many sentences like this a bit uestionable – Dude was figureando hard Had always been a papi chulo so of course he dove right back into the grip of his old suciasYes the authentic vibe and all that but it’s spread on thick with a damned trowel just a bit It’s a humble reader opining here what do I know JD could slug me on the bean with his Pulizer any dayAnd three I have a personal beef with second person narration – “you do this you say that” which is employed way too much although once is way too much for me Why don’t I like it Because I keep snapping at the story “stop telling me what to do all the time” This is turning into My Year of Great American Short Story Collections so JD has got some serious serious competition – Alyssa Nutting George Saunders Frank Bill Jordan Harper and Donald Ray Pollock – and by the way it kind of bugs me that these writers Saunders excepted don’t get none of the big yes Yes Yes litgasm of love JD gets he’s good great even but so are these othersThis book is festooned with the kind of zingers which will put a smile on any reader’s face In her mind a woman with no child could only be explained by vast untrammelled calamity Maybe she just doesn’t like children Nobody likes children your mother assured you That doesn’t mean you don’t have themOr describing a depression Like someone flew a plane into your soulIn this collection JD gives us close up focus on Yunior his alter ego his ma his pa his doomed brother Rafa and their many girlfriends; the area of investigation is male sexuality sub category heterosexual sub sub category Dominican sub sub sub category American Dominican In fact the focus is so close that everything else is very hazy; in the stories about the grown up Yunior it’s only mentioned in passing that he’s an academic; he seems to transform from ghetto boy to professor without any intervening stages like Clark Kent nipping into the phone box Well it's not an autobiography But it does seem to be semi autobiographical everyone says so and therefore I wonder wonder wonder about the last story “The Cheater’s Guide to Love” – even if only faintly factual it boggles my brain – could you really spoilery spoilery and your inamorata be completely ignorant about it So many for so long And yet she went to Harvard If so what does that say for the rest of us Answer not a lot

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This is How You Lose Her„И тогава проумях How You PDF #9734 че всичко е свършило Замислиш ли се за началото значи е дошъл краят“Умееш да губиш жените в живота си Като им изневеряваш като не ги обичаш достатъчно или като ги обичаш със закъснение В същото време дори не ти пука This is PDF or толко?. This is a collection of short stories about Yunior Yunior is a louse All the men in his life are serial cheaters from his father to his brother to his best friend Yes there is a pitch that this is part of the Dominican Culture but frankly I can speak with women friends of mine from France Spain Italy Russia Germany and England and every single one of them knows this guy or has dated this clown He screws around on women and when he is caught and discarded there is great chest thumping and hair tearing and he learnsnothingMr Diaz provides imagery fireworks great use of language flying sentences created a real louse of a character Yunior who keeps you reading because well it's like watching a bad driver wreck his same car in the same way 5 or six timesMy big problem with this book is that is left me unmoved and oddly unfeeling considering the subject matter Took me a while to figure it outThere is not one fully drawn women character in any of these stories In fact there is one story that took me until page six to figure out it was supposed to be a female character The women are merely devices to allow Yunior to react to something Even he Mr Diaz on his website talks about his inability to create female characters he's male Had the writer gotten past this as many male writers do he coud have opened up the story to a real look at this explosive topic