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Stranger Than Fiction True Stories doc ✓ Paperback Read ð Chuck Palahniuk ½ ❮Read❯ ➸ Stranger Than Fiction True Stories ➻ Author Chuck Palahniuk – Chuck Palahniuk’s world has always been well different from yours and mine In his first collIll send them into space Palahniuk himself experiments with steroids works on an assembly line by day and as a hospice volunteer by night and experiences the brutal murder of his father by a white supremacist With this new direction Chuck Palahniuk has proven he can do anythi I liked this bookThis is a collection of true stories of very bizarre things that have occurred or occur regularly They are all as the old adage goes So strange they could only be trueIn the intro to this book Chuck Palahniuk even admits that he is something of a one trick pony He views everything in America as the following struggle We strive to be alone We fight our way to independence from our fellow human beings by pursuing whatever interest we have and then we get there and find ourselves lonely and must reacuaint with our fellow humans I agree with him this is the lense that he views everything through and it is getting annoying in his fiction literature But these stories these are true stories And I think that his writing style is very aptly applied to these stories and telling them Long story short Chuck Palahniuk's writing style is best applied to nonfictionI read this book because I was staying for a week on the Oregon coast with my family It seemed appropriate because Chuck Palahniuk is from portland Also this book seemed interesting

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E people perform public sex acts on an outdoor stage In a mansion once occupied by The Rolling Stones Marilyn Manson reads his own Tarot cards and talks sweetly to his beautiful actress girlfriend Across the country men build their own full size castles and rocketships that w You will like this book if you are easily amazed by the things your fellow humans do for fun or to make a living or to survive or to fend off loneliness and despair' if you are not surprised but what we do to light the flickering light of I am special You will like this book if you prefer understatement and no sentimentality in presentation of the harsh and the painful and the noble and if you prefer examples of the profane in the presentation of the mysterious and even the mystical If you like to sense the writer's hard lived experience in what you read you will like this book

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Stranger Than Fiction True StoriesChuck Palahniuk’s world has always been well different from yours and mine In his first collection of nonfiction Chuck Palahniuk brings us into this world and gives us a glimpse of what inspires his fictionAt the Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival in Missoula Montana averag i stopped torturing myself at the half way point and burned the book over my stovetop and ate the ashes in hopes of regaining the 3 hours i put in didn't work this was one of the worst things i've read since i tutored freshmen in their first writing courseto anyone who happens upon it and can't resist here are the only nuggets worth digesting you are here and the lady and i'd say the latter was so if only for the uick spill on palahniuk's personal history also it's worth taking into account that i didn't read much past the second section of portraits where the mental yawns became unbearable