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Styx Stone Ellie Stone #1Is made on her father's life in the form of an accident in the hospital's ICU Ellie's suspicions are confirmedThen another professor turns up dead and Ellie's investigation turns to her father's university colleagues their ambitions jealousies and secret lives Ellie embarks on a thorny journey of discovery and reconciliation as she pursues an investigation that offers her both a chance at redemption in her father's eyes and the risk of losing him foreve. I read an ARC and was riveted I loved this book the setting and the characters really stayed with me afterward I re read the last few pages again because I was sorry for it to end

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Free read Û Styx Stone Ellie Stone #1 102 å ❮Ebook❯ ➨ Styx Stone Ellie Stone #1 ➩ Author James W. Ziskin – Ellie Stone is a professed modern girl in 1960s' New York City playing by her own rules and breaking boundaries while searching for a killer among the renowned scholars in Columbia UniEllie Stone is Ellie Stone PDFEPUB #187 a professed modern girl in s' New York City playing by her own rules and breaking boundaries while searching for a killer among the renowned scholars in Columbia University's Italian Department If you were a man you'd make a good detectiveEllie Stone is sure that Sgt McKeever meant that as a compliment but that identity a girl wanting to do a man's job has throttled Styx Stone Epubher for too long It's and Ellie d. Set in 1960 Styx Stone introduces Ellie Stone a reporter for a small newspaper in upstate New York and the daughter of a renowned Dante scholar Professor Abraham Stone The elder Stone a distinguished professor has been found unconscious in his New York City apartment after having been beaten about the head It may be a burglary gone bad but then again it may not beEllie and her widowed father have long been estranged but she races home to New York City and to the family apartment where she grew up Professor Stone remains hospitalized unconscious and in critical condition obviously unable to shed any light on what happened the night he was assaulted Not content simply to sit by his bedside Ellie begins her own investigation into the attackThe investigation leads her to the Italian department at the University where her father taught Like many another academic department this one is a sea of intrigue with any number of matters large and small dividing its members When another member of the department dies in an apparent accident shortly after the attack on her father Ellie is certain that something sinister is going on above and beyond a simple burglary gone bad and a subseuent accident Ellie is extremely tenacious and joins ranks with the detective investigating the assault on her father a sergeant named McKeever She's determined to unravel the mystery and along the way McKeever pays her what he believes to be the ultimate compliment for that day and age when he observes that If you were a man you'd make a good detective Ellie thinks of herself as a modern woman who enjoys her whiskey and her men and one of the strengths of the book is that the author has so deftly placed Ellie in her own time Often in a book like this the tendency of a good many authors is to simply transplant a woman of the Twenty First Century back into the middle of the Twentieth giving her values and attitudes that simply don't ring true for the time and place In conseuence the character often seems ultimately unbelievableNot so here Ellie is a strong independent woman with a mind of her own But she is clearly a woman of the early 1960s Ziskin a linguist by training has clearly done his homework and the characters and the sense of place ring very true Ellie is a very attractive protagonist and Ziskin is particularly good at capturing the jealousies conflicting ambitions and suabbles large and small that exist within Professor Stone's department All in all this is a very promising start to the Ellie Stone series

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Oesn't want to blaze any trails for women she just wants to be a reporter one who doesn't need to swat hands off her behind at every turnAdrift in her career Ellie is back in New York City after receiving news that her estranged father a renowned Dante scholar and distinguished professor is near death after a savage bludgeoning in his Stone Ellie Stone eBook #8608 home The police suspect a routine burglary but Ellie has her doubts When a second attempt. Styx Stone by James WZiskinThe first in the Ellie Stone mystery series Ellie is a reporter for an upstate New York newspaper She learns that her father a University Professor has been seriously assaulted and is intensive care Her inuisitive nature leads her to believe that the crime is linked to the recent death of another Professor in the same Italian Department Ellie meets Detective Sergeant McKeever who wants to put her father’s assault down to a robbery and the death of Dr Ercolano as a tragic accidentEllie is portrayed as a strong personality who stands up for herself and has the determination to follow her instincts The author has clearly drawn from his own academic background to produce this good opening story of the series There are uite a lot of references to Dante and the underworld which formed the greater part of Professor Stone’s working life and it helps to know something of this classic work Woven into the story are plenty of references to the second world war its aftermath and Jewish history There is a love interest theme woven throughout the story which inevitably leads to the unmasking of the culprit one that is difficult to spot until the final pagesI enjoyed this one and put it as a 4star