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Rumspringa Break Amish Hearts #1N she and her twin sister Rumspringa Break PDF or Mercy turn sixteen Now it's time to embark on Rumspringa the rite of passage for Amish teens Together the girls discover the outside world dressing in English clothes cruising to the city and partying with college students Rebekah meets a stunning pre veterinary student named Braeden who encourages her to follow her dreams of becoming a veteri. Rumspringa is a term that some Amish youth use in association with their right of passage It usually begins when they are 14 16 and lasts until they decide whether to be baptized into the Amish church or leave the community completelyThis is the story of a young Old Order Amish girl named Rebekah and the English boy Braedon that she falls in love with during her Rumspringa Because of their different beliefs and cultures this story will keep you interested to see if they can make their dreams come true and overcome their differencesA very warm and gentle book Very pleasing and worth reading even though it is rather short

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Amish Hearts eBook #9734 Brand new Amish Teen Fiction From Kristina Ludwig author of best selling teen short story A First Time for Everything Rebekah is stellar at caring for the animals on her family's farm and even better at eluding Jakob the neighborhood boy who has a massive crush on her But she's never ventured out of her ultra strict Amish community in Pennsylvania All that changes whe. I downloaded this book because it was free for the Kindle and it caught my interest Sadly it didn't really live hope to the hope I had for it I think the biggest problem was the length This book is short Extremely short There are nineteen chapters but each chapter felt incredibly short as well The biggest problem with the length was how awkwardly the book cut off It didn't end It just stopped I know there's to this series but honestly I'm guessing that could have just been added to this book to create one book that was a better length There wasn't the slightest bit of resolution in this bookNot only that but I felt like I didn't have time to actually connect with the characters or the story I wasn't pulled into the book at all and I disliked all of the characters They didn't feel real to me It was as if they were all extremely two dimensional and boring to me Maybe that would have changed if I had read about them but the book was too short for me to ever find out I also know I could go pick up the second book but I didn't get into the first one enough to bother with the second That may have been different if the first book had been longer and developed Then I might have gotten into the story enough to bother with the other booksI wouldn't necessarily call this a bad book It just didn't feel long enough to actually grab my interest I also would have appreciated characters that felt three dimensional I'm sure some people will enjoy this book and be able to appreciate it for what it is but I didn't find it to be developed enough to be satisfyinghttphmweasley blogblogspotcom20

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READ õ Rumspringa Break Amish Hearts #1 ↠ [Ebook] ➢ Rumspringa Break Amish Hearts #1 By Kristina Ludwig – Brand new Amish Teen Fiction From Kristina Ludwig author of best selling teen short story A First Time for Everything Rebekah is stellar at caring for the animals on her family's farm and even better Narian As her appreciation of the English lifestyle blossoms Rebekah is faced with a massive Break Amish Hearts eBook #10003 dilemma How can she pursue a college education and still remain accepted by her Amish community Can she and Braeden overcome their cultural differences and build a relationship and will her family and friends still talk to her if they do Grab your copy today to find out. Because I read this series completely backwards I know what happens with these characters However I am still enjoying the stories very much I am learning about Rumspringa which has not been talked about in a lot of the Amish books I have read These stories are so wonderful and full of life