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Three Views of Crystal Water Read & Download ì 4 Ò ❮BOOKS❯ ✸ Three Views of Crystal Water ✮ Author Katherine Govier – Suddenly finding herself motherless at the age of six Vera is left in the care of her grandfather who spends long periods away at sea leaving her alone When she reachEr who spends long periods away Three Views PDFEPUB or at sea leaving her alone When she reaches her teens Vera is take. Great book out of print you may need to order this

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N by her grandfather's mistress to a small island in Japan The Views of Crystal MOBI #239 women of the island take her. Laborious read Generally I love books set in exotic parts of the world and being an historical novel would be a bonus unfortunately I found this such a laborious read that I freuently uestioned myself as to why I was persevering with it It felt like a non fiction book and could have benefitted from severe editingVera is a likeable enough character who finds herself motherless at the age of six Her father's whereabouts are unknown so she lives with her pearl trading grandfather and his young Japanese wife Keiko It takes a while for the book to reveal who Vera's grandfather is and how he fits into the back story Similarly we gradually learn her parents' identities and who her grandmother wasKeiko had been a pearl diver on a small Japanese island and when Vera's grandfather dies they have no choice but to return there so Keiko can earn a living and support them both Vera is very much a loner to begin with until she begins to learn a little Japanese and meets a few friendly islanders One of her first friends was the sword polisher who happens to speak a bit of English from his days in Britain with the Japanese armyThe novel covers uite a span of time and the pearl divers return for several summers of pearl diving during the course of the narrative Vera longs to be truly accepted and become a pearl diver herself but this is controlled by the island's headmanThe threat of WWII is looming and uestions are asked about Vera's safety amongst 'the enemy' It is therefore sensible for her to return to Canada when her wandering father finally tracks her down and removes her from what is now her homeA new era begins as she travels with him and his pearl tradingI read this for a book group and the most interesting outcome was the discussion of pearl diving and the pearls the differences between real and cultured pearls and also the art that was mentioned earlier in the book ukiyo eI found the time hopping rather confusing and struggled to finish this book It is interesting in parts but didn't grab me overall My opinion was shared by the members of the book group with the exception of Sue Hunter who has given it a five star rerview on here

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Three Views of Crystal WaterSuddenly finding herself motherless at the age of of Crystal PDFEPUB #230 six Vera is left in the care of her grandfath. I have never heard of this writer and just happened to stumble on this novel It is set in Vancouver in the 1930s and deals with a girlJapanese immigrant family who dives for pearls the novel is apparently well researched and I loved the poetic and delicate language chick lit at its best