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And his brave heart Gay Neck served his new masters heroically Winner of the 1928 Newbery Medal The city of Calcutta which boasts of a million people must have at least two million pigeonsI love that opening line It paints a vivid picture that truly opens the storyThis Newbery winner is unlike any I've read And in a good way It's best to start reading this without any preconceptions especially don't think of it as a story for children The first third of the book is a nature tale set in the Himalayas Not only is this about a pigeon as narrated by the 15 year old pigeon keeper it also gives insight into other birds hawks an eagle family Himalayan pheasants which are truly gorgeous birds I looked them up on the internet and swifts I'm thinking that much of this story is non fictionThen the point of view switches to that of the bird The reader is told that It is not hard for us to understand him if we use the grammar of fancy and the dictionary of imagination Mukerji narrates the story as it would seem to the pigeon but there aren't any talking animals much to my reliefHis pigeon was so intelligent and well trained that it was drafted into service during WWI I didn't even realize that soldiers from India fought in France The last fourth of the book is filled with battlefield descriptions based on the carrier pigeon's descriptions Mukerji clearly appreciates and believes in the abilities of his birds After returning from war the bird and his keeper returned to the wild for healing I ask how do we heal when we've destroyed the wild?The author's thoughts about zoos What a pity that most young people instead of seeing one animal in nature which is worth a hundred in any Zoo must derive their knowledge of God's creatures from their appearance in prisons How do we manage to think that we know all about an animal by gazing at him penned in a cage?It would be interesting to read comments from young readers This is so different from today's teen fiction that I think few kids would actually finish the bookGoodreads provides this info about the authorDhan Gopal Mukerji was born in a small village in India in 1890 he was passionate about bringing understanding of the Indian people and culture to American readers through his own uniue brand of expressive and poetic language In 1936 the driven yet unhappy DGM took his own life in New York City He was forty six years of ageHow tragic Mukerji was undoubtedly a sensitive and caring person The war years and the change in lifestyles driven by technology had to have been hard on him I wonder why he moved to New York CitySo how do I rate such a book? That is hard Because it is so unusual and because it made me think I have given it 4 stars If I were to use my usual criteria it would merit 3 stars

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Gay Neck The Story of a PigeonWriting out of his own experience as a boy in India Dhan Gopal Mukerji tells how Gay Neck's mast This book is a milestone in anyone's life as a reader Before it you are one of a multitude After it you are one of a select few who have heard about it sought it out picked it up and persisted with it well past the point of enjoymentWhat does this say about you? Obviously you are attempting to read all the Newbery Medal winners Moreover as you experienced this book you uickly realized that it is terribly boring Next you realized that it has no possible classroom application Finally you realized that most of the information about pigeons is weirdly inaccurate Yet you read the thing anyway I'm not sure that this is anything to be proud of you have read a book with no expectation of enjoying or benefiting from it Isn't that the opposite of what reading is supposed to be?In fairness I should mention that the last third of this book is better than the first two thirds I especially liked the mating chapter in which Mukerji uses the phrase go all the way hilariously The WWI sections were interesting if only to see how wildly unrealistic they could be A nictating membrane as defense against mustard gas?If like me you are persisting in your Newbery uest then I wish you well I hope you have only good books ahead of you My next Newbery read is about roller skating in the 1890s It looks pretty lame but it can't be as painful as this book was

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eBook Í ePub Gay Neck The Story of a Pigeon ê 9780525304005 Free ã gwairsoft ☆ [Download] ➹ Gay Neck The Story of a Pigeon Author Dhan Gopal Mukerji – Gwairsoft.co.uk Writing out of his own experience as a boy in India Dhan Gopal Mukerji tells how Gay Neck's master sentEr sent his prized pigeon to serve in World War I and of how because of his exceptional training This is a book I’ve had sitting on my shelf for years and just never got around to reading But I recently read two very interesting articles about the author Dhan Gopal Mukerji which spurred me to action I pulled the book off the shelf and finally read it And while it is usually considered a WWI story it is really much much than thatBorn into a Brahmin family Mukerji had raised pigeons growing up in Calcutta India in the early years of the 20th century just like so many boys his age and caste did at that time Calling upon his own experience with his flock of 40 birds and the experiences of others Mukerji writes about this special pigeon’s life story Almost from the moment it was born it’s young owner knows this is a special pigeon beautiful and smart The young master decides to name him Gay Neck or Chitra griva Hindu meaning “painting in gay colours” At first it is up to Gay Neck’s parents to teach him to fly and to defend himself against hawks and eagles a pigeon’s natural enemies but soon his master takes over with the help of Ghond a family friend and hunter who is familiar with India’s forests mountains and wild life Together they take Gay Neck on trips further and further from home in Calcutta releasing him to see if he will return to Calcutta Gay Neck’s training is successful but not without mishaps including having to retrain him after he becomes frightened to fly again because of a hawk attack When WWI begins Ghond and Gay Neck are sent to the front as part of the Indian Army Gay Neck performs masterfully as a carrier pigeon saving lives during the war but ultimately both Ghond and Gay Neck are invalided out and sent home Ghond suffering with physical wounds and both suffering from PTSD Both must be healed nowI found Gay Neck The Story of a Pigeon to be a very interesting book for a number of reasons First there is the story of just how a homingcarrier pigeon is trained something I’ve wondered about whenever I’ve read a book about their use in war Mukerji goes into uite a bit of detail about this carefully describing how to begin training them and why a trainer might have to tie a pigeons’s wings to prevent it from flying as well as the retraining process after the pigeon has been attacked or become frightened as Gay Neck did on the battlefieldGay Neck is also a window into the life of an Indian boy from a high caste Gay Neck’s young master like Mukerji himself has the leisure time and money to spend on raising his flock of pigeon’s living in a two story private home with a flat roof for the pigeon coops There is no mention of the British until the war even though India was still a colony of the British Empire nor any mention of the poorer people in Calcutta But it is Mukerji’s descriptions of natural and religious life that really makes this novel Whether they are in the jungle dealing with a tiger an angry elephant a killer water buffalo or resting and meditating at a lamasery with the lamas or describing the majesty of the Himalayas the writing is always beautiful and the language simply poetic even when Mukerji is graphically describing the action on front lines At times during the war Mukerji writes from Gay Neck’s point of view since his master was only a teenager and couldn’t accompany his bird to the front Thus the reader is able to read what Gay Neck sees and experiences from a wild dog at the front to machine eagles spitting fire in the sky And the dramatic black and white graphic illustrations by Russian born artist Boris Artzybasheff are the perfect compliment to this book While I enjoyed finally reading Gay Neck what I am not sure about is whether this is a book that would appeal to today’s young reader Plus sensitive readers should be aware that there are some graphic descriptions throughout this bookGay Neck won the Newbery in 1928 and I believe the author is the only Indian author to have won that award to day You might want to read these recent articles about Dhan Gopal Mukerji You can find them HERE and HEREThis book is recommended for readers age 10This book was purchased for my personal library