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La solitudine dei numeri primi Free read × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  ❰Epub❯ ➚ La solitudine dei numeri primi Author Paolo Giordano – A prime number is inherently a solitary thing it can only be divided by itself or by one; it never truly fits with another Alice and Mattia toOf the lost twin looms over their relationship until a chance sighting by Alice of a woman who could be Mattia's sister forces a lifetime of secret emotion to the surface A meditation on loneliness and love The Solitude of Prime Numbers asks can we ever truly be whole when we're in love with another And when Mattia is asked to choose between human love and his professional love of mathematics which will make him complete. Take two special education kids a boy and a girl One is a cutter and may have Asperger's syndrome Both are loners who are socially challenged and basically misfits Romance is a rocky road for normal couples Magnify those bumps in the road by the handicaps that these two individuals deal with and you have a relationship that is exponentially difficult to pull off That's basically the plot of this book Just as they never get their individual lives together they can never get their romance together even though it looks like they were made for each other The two characters orbit each other as they go through life without ever really connecting They are uniue like the mathematical concept of prime numbers perhaps destined never to break out of their solitude The book well worth a read is translated from the Italian At age 28 the author won Italy's Strega literary award for this work the youngest author to do so

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Ia reveals to Alice his terrible secret that as a boy he abandoned his mentally disabled twin sister in a park to go to a party and when he returned she was nowhere to be foundThese two irreversible episodes mark Alice and Mattia's lives for ever and as they grow solitudine dei numeri eBook #9734 into adulthood their destinies seem irrevocably intertwined they are divisible only by themselves and each other But the shadow. Developmental AgonyI’m not sure how this book has been marketed or how I encountered it but it’s definitely YA not adult fiction Lots of schmaltzy tragedy and teenage angst with a core of unlikely coincidence Very hard going if you’re over age 21 I suspect Definitely a waste of time for an old stump such as myself The most significant effect of reading the thing is a feeling of vaguely regretful embarrassment for an afternoon I can’t recover So unless you’re into mean girls oblivious parents eating disorders and self harming you’ll want to give it a miss

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La solitudine dei numeri primiA prime dei numeri eBook #8608 number is inherently a solitary thing it can only be divided by itself or by one it never truly fits with another Alice and Mattia too move on their own axes alone with their personal tragedies As a child Alice's overbearing father drove her first to a terrible skiing accident and then to anorexia When she La solitudine MOBI #234 meets Mattia she recognises a kindred tortured spirit and Matt. This book is going to be big But people still don't know that people still haven't heard about Paolo Giordano and his brilliant brilliant work called 'The solitude of prime numbers'' which stands on the same magnificent title throne with Kundera’s ''Unbearable lightness of being'' And The solitude of prime numbers easy to say broke my heart Primary numbers are natural numbers that are divided only with number 1 and itself In this book in a human form of numbers Alice and Mattia are separated from the world and from each other with layers of loneliness personal traumas and decisions Book is written during their period of 20 years and with each chapter you open a new door to a room full of reasonable social awkwardness While Alice wants to be accepted but is suffocating Mattia just made a ditch around himself and lives his life in accordance with math formulas Their friendship is strong but silent and touchless She can’t open him and he doesn’t know how to open himself to anybody They are a twin prime; there is always a wall between them they are alone and lost close but never too close to get into each others lives 17 and 19 are divided by the whole world of number 18 41 and 43 are divided by 42 And it’s endless It’s hopeless It’s fucking heartbreaking This novel is cold and depressing read on the surface Underneath you find fire but it’s still hidden and still spiced with scream isolation blood and pain It’s a story that is so tragically beautiful that will stay with you You will not obey their rules and you will want to bridge them up You will want to leave an open door to love or at least possibility of love Trust me read this book please